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Liverpool Trip

Too tired with yesterday Whitby Trip. This is the 1st time I felt tired with the trip that I joined. Fuuuuh!! Never been so tired even London trip which takes 3 days. Maybe this feel days not enough sleep. However, need to wake up early coz going to Liverpool today!
For this trip, there are 2 persons I would like to thanks to. First, is my KTAR hostel friend, Mei Tzeu for letting me stay with you during my stay in Liverpool. Her hostel in Liverpool was known as Marybone. Thanks to your housemates too for the wonderful and delicious dinner. Sorry for troublesome you especially during sleeping time :P.. Second, is to Adam coz accompany me for this whole trip..Thanks so much to both of you

First and foremost, what Liverpool famous for?

Liverpool Football Club..Nehhh...I'm not interested with it but I also went there to search for sourvenir coz Liverpool famous for that. As usual, keychain is my best selection as sourvenir.

Besides Liverpool FC Official Club Store, we also visited Albert Dock which being requested by my friends to this place if going to Liverpool city. This place is one of Liverpool's most important tourist attractions and a vital component of the city's UNESCO world heritage Maritime Mercantile City. As well as being the number one tourist attraction in Liverpool, it is also the most visited multi-use attraction in the United Kingdom outside of London with in excess of four million visitors per year. Amongst the many attractions at the Albert Dock are the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Tate Liverpool.

The Beatles Story Exhibition is also located at Albert Dock. Should I said more about this group? You should know better than me :P..

Last but not least, this is the main reason I went Liverpool for.."Superlambananas".. They will only been display till end of this month, if not wrong..However, so sad that I unable to take more with them coz insufficient of time..Haiz.. Anyway, they are so creative and each of them are different from others.

A collection of Superlambananas

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