MAS Token of Appreciation

For those who willing and so kind to leave a comment and click the link on my first ever video I created purposely for the contest of "The Big Flight Official Blogger Contest" organised by Malaysia Airlines few months ago, thank you so much guys for doing so. I am truly appreciate that. Although I wasn't selected to be one of the five winners to be one of the first on the board on Airbus 380, well, I still glad cause I was among the 10 bloggers being chosen to participate in this exclusive contest.

I didn't put too much expectation to win cause I did called them up last minute to cancel my participation because I was so busy with my personal things. Until now, I was wondering what was I busy with until my dad said that I am more busy than him. Unfortunately, they disallow me to cancel my participation because it was not fair to select another new bloggers and was given less than a week to prepare the video. Got no choice for that, therefore I have to do one. The other reason I have to cancel my participation was because my parents are outstation plus my brother doesn't know how to take photos, all the photo he took was so blur. Thanks to my boyfie who willing to help me until midnight and finally we managed to do so. It was really last minute we posted up the video, it's like 2 days before the contest ends.

Eventhought I didn't won, but Malaysia Airlines is so kind to all the 10 bloggers who participate in submitting the video including me. A week after the contest ended, they did send message asking for mailing address to give us some token appreciation. Well, initially I just thought maybe a certificate with a few words of appreciation and I didn't expecting more of that.

But on some random day while working, I received a quite huge parcel. Cause of the curiosity since I didn't exactly know who is the sender, immediately I opened it and the rest is history.

MAS Token Appreciation 01-1
Received all of these items as Token Appreciation by Malaysia Airlines last month (May) and only posted this month (June). LoL!

Seriously, I think Malaysia Airlines can read my mind. I'm kid not. Take for example:

MAS Token Appreciation 03
I always want to have a mini speaker to play my mp3 but somehow I quite stingy. Even RM20 which I saw in market but I refuse to buy cause I was expecting less than RM10. I guess I can save another RM20 for this. 

MAS Token Appreciation 04
For a part-time travel junkie like me, this is the most essential things should have when comes to travel. Before this, I have quite number of travel adaptors bust most of them are separately one and all of them are given by my dad. So when I travelled, I brought like 3 or 4 different travel adaptors with me. I did checked before I'm leaving but some countries like Philippines has two different of kind of plugs. Even when travelled to Europe, London and Paris use different kind of plugs. So from now onwards, this can save and giving more space on my luggage for my upcoming trips.

MAS Token Appreciation 05
Not a shopaholics but I'm into perfume. Added another miniature perfume into my collection. (Dior bought by my sister in Singapore, Estee Lauder bought my mom in Taiwan Airport and Salvatore Ferragamo from MAS.)

MAS Token Appreciation 02
When I posted in facebook, seems like the MAS Captain teddy bear had caught lots of my friends' attention. Then when I went KL last month flying with AirAsia, I bought along the AirAsia Pilot bear so that the MAS Captain bear got friend. 

I did a bit research on how much does these token appreciation cost and approximately the total cost are more than RM500 (flip through the in-flight magazine of AirAsia last month). Wow! That's indeed so kind of Malaysia Airlines. I am looking forward and interest to cooperate for more future engagements with Malaysia Airlines by the way. 


  1. waa~ Thats load of good stuffs! :)

  2. Hahaa :D I love all the gifts I received from MAS. :)

    And I did present some to my friends as well!

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

  3. it's indeed so nice of MAS...
    I like the teddy bear pilot the most...haha

  4. its very nice of them

    must hug your bf for being so nice help you do the video

  5. Awww, I'm eying the EL perfumes! You are a lucky girl ;)


  6. Eh we're using the same phone!
    HTC Desire HD FTW!! XD

  7. Hey, these bears are cute! U did good, sweetie! Happy blogging!

  8. Congrats! More motivation for blogging :D

  9. That's really generous of them! :D


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