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Nami Island, The Winter Sonata Island

Date of Visited: 11th September 2011

On the fourth day of Seoul trip, my friends and I headed to a particular attraction results from the kicking off the Korean wave of the famous Korean drama - Winter Sonata. I guess there is no introduction needed for this Nami Island cause it has certainly became the top blooming tourist spots.

Initially from my research we should take bus but at the end, we didn't do so cause we worried that we might not able to catch up the bus according to the time schedule. We woke up quite late on that day cause so exhausted after spending almost half of our day visiting Everland the day before. Not only that, the map that I got was quite outdated and surprisingly the station to reach Nami Island is not stated inside the train map. Luckily our guest house coordinator was so kind and she tried her best to give us the correct direction and station using the apps of her smartphone. I was shocked when I saw she was using the metro apps and it would tell you how to get there and how long it takes. So cool man!

The journey from Myeongdong to Nami Island required at least 2 hours or more because Nami Island is located outskirt of Seoul. Seriously, there's quite few interchange station needed just to reach this tiny half-moon shaped island and the final one took almost an hour to reach.

How To Get To Nami Island (By Subway & Cabs)
As usual, we started from Myeongdong Station, Subway Line 4 and we have to interchange the following stations:
  1. Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, Subway Line 4
  2. Gunja Station, Subway Line 5
  3. Sangbong Station, Subway Line 7
  4. Gapyeong Station, Subway Line Gyeongchun.
  5. Upon arrive at Gapyeong Station, can opt either to take bus or taxi. But the local recommended taxi cause it cost less than 3,000 won for a trip. You can walk if you want but I warn you, it is so far away.

Nami Island 01
And here we are at Nami Island. Ok! Haven't reach the island itself yet by the way and this is just the wharf. It is not just an ordinary island but an imaginary country by the name of "Naminara Republic". It has invented its own national flag, anthem, passport, currency stamp and telephone card. Too bad I missed out the passport counter or else, I will have another collection of passport stamp. But don't worry cause there is no passport needed to enter Nami Island. All you need is admission ticket which serve as the visa.

Nami Island 02
The admission fee for Nami Island is 8,000 won which included 5,000 won for entrance fee and 3,000 won for round trip ferry. The ferry trip took less than 10 minutes. Therefore, don't expecting any seats inside the ferry. Just enjoy the surrounding view and it will make you breathless.

Nami Island 03
Welcoming board with different kind of languages.

Nami Island 04
After the trains and ferry trip, finally we reached Nami Island itself but again another pouring day which really spoils the travelling mode.

Nami Island 05
Can choose either ride bicycle just like the sweet loving couple as the photo above or by foot. We prefer to explore the entire island by foot cause the bike is rent for sure, not FOC.

Nami Island 06
The scene of "First Kiss" as well as other important scenes of the Winter Sonata drama. 

Nami Island 07
Among five of us, I am the only one who brought umbrella along. I always carry umbrella with me and never left it behind. This is the "First Kiss Bridge".

Nami Island 08
Then I noticed that there are two spots of the "First Kiss". Quite confused with that but who cares about it anywhere (unless for the super huge fans)

Nami Island 09
Because the rain is getting heavier, we got no choice but to take a break before continue to explore further. Have our lunch while waiting for the rain to stop. Ordered bibimbap (steamed rice with vegetables combines with spiciness of Korean chili paste) and Korean pancake.

Nami Island 10
Thank goodness! Finally the rain has stopped and without waiting any further, immediately we do the things that a tourist or traveller should do; TAKING TONS OF PHOTOS!

Nami Island 11

Nami Island 12
There even has a recycling center, environment (protection) school and green store and this shows that the population's commitment towards the environmental protection and awareness.

Nami Island 13
Souvenirs/Gifts shop. Here is where I send the postcards to my friends and few bloggers too.

Nami Island 14
Not forgetting, to retrace the star-crossed lovers steps and spot scenes.

Nami Island 15
This awesome and gorgeous alley of Korean pine trees is everybody's favourite spot for picturesque.

Nami Island 16
Trails of the Winter Sonata can been seen almost anywhere in the entire island.

Nami Island 17
Before leaving Nami Island, saying goodbye to this sexy naked lady statue which just standing beside the wharf. Her name is Namimaid by the way. We spotted her before we left the island.

You can visit Nami Island at anytime because it is ideally beautiful at every single season. Just need a lil pray for a fine and better weather so that can enjoy more without getting wet like us. Nami Island is indeed an idyllic place to relax yourself and enjoy the nature at the same time. 

  1. The ideal time to visit Nami Island is during autumn season where all the branches of the Korean pine trees are full with reddish orange leaves.
  2. You might need at least half or a day for the entire trip.
  3. Highly recommended for the newly wed couple to visit this because it is such a romantic places. I even dropped down in postcard to one of my girlfriends saying this is the best place for her and bf for honeymoon.

[Credit To: Korea4expats.com]


  1. the couple snowman looks like kena vandalised!

    your picture looks entertaining! during my visit, the mermaid was surrounded with water :D

  2. Hmmm..i'd been reading entries on Seoul for the past few days... The more i read, the more i feel like going..;)

  3. i like this entry coz i love winter sonata drama very much. WS always in my heart.

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  4. I remember being at Nami Island. But can't remember the details already.
    Thought that your photos could refresh my mind, but actually I totally cant' remember at all. :P

  5. lets go during WINTER hehehehheh

  6. Wow very nice..
    It brings back my memory on the winter sonata show..

  7. I have heard so much about this place...hmmm i wonder if this place would also be popular for wedding photo shooting. after all, its very romantic

  8. nami island is so popular with the romantic stuff eh :)

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  10. I still remember every time I watched Winter Sonata drama I always dreaming to travel at Nami Island and looking at your pic make me more excited and envy because IDK when can I print my foot there...

  11. I never watch Winter Sonata before, only know their songs :P thus I've no idea about this island. Anyways, thanks for sharing! :D

  12. nvr heard abt it. but it seems to be super fun!! and again super envy u!

  13. I love Winter Sonata!! such a lovely place there! :)

  14. wah....i wonder this place is made popular by that drama winter sonata? hehehe..i'm no fan of that drama but these place is nice and calm


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