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My Bangkok Travel Loots & Expenses (2012) Version 1.0

I warn you that I indeed shopped a lot when I went Bangkok for the very first time. Plus, most of the clothes sold at that particular period were in chiffon type, which was my favourite type of clothes. And now let me reveal what I bought from Bangkok, Thailand: 

Bangkok 2012 Haul 01
#1: Overall of my shopping loots from Bangkok, Thailand Version 1.0

Bangkok 2012 Haul 02
#2: 4 dresses, 16 tops, 3 shorts, 6 skirts

Bangkok 2012 Haul 03
#3: Handphone pouch from Chatuchak Weekend Market and pig coin pouch for my li sister.

Bangkok 2012 Haul 04
#4: Handbag, purse, purple flat shoe and belts - all for myself.

Bangkok 2012 Haul 05
#5: Hair accessories bought from Platinum Fashion Mall and Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok 2012 Haul 06
#6: Long necklaces bought from Platinum Fashion Mall. Range from 100 baht to 190 baht

Bangkok 2012 Haul 07
#7: Handbags and pouch from Naraya outlets

Bangkok 2012 Haul 08
#8: Handmade luggage tags from Platinum Fashion Mall

Bangkok 2012 Haul 09
#9: Two set of bikinis but wow, absolutely not for me. Two of my besties requested for these. 
A set of bikini in Bangkok was incredibly cheap which cost 250 baht (approx. to RM26) for a set but because I bought two, I managed to bargain to 450 baht for two.

Bangkok 2012 Haul 10
#10: Fridge magnets are not to be missed whenever I travelled. Mostly bought outside Grand Palace and in Chatuchak Weekend Market as well.

#11:All my outfits from Bangkok - Pink chiffon top, blue skirt, red lace belt, green handbag, purple flat shoe and owl long necklace.

Last but not least, the following is my sharing of the full details of my travel expenses that I spend for my 5 days and 4 nights trip in Bangkok, Thailand:
 Bangkok Travel Expenses
(The exchange rate by the time I changed; RM10: 10.14 baht )

  1.  It's funny how fare for international flight was much more cheaper than the domestic flight.
  2. Stayed for 4 nights throughout the trip, which inclusive the breakfast as well. For more information about this boutique hotel, click HERE.
  3. Both taxi fare cost 350 baht for one trip and shared among two of us.  
  4. The entrance fee on the day we visited, which besides the Grand Palace, it also inclusive access to The Temple of Emerald Buddha, The Royal Thai Decorations & Coins Pavilion and Queen Sirikit Museum of Textile, which are located within the Grand Palace compound, and to Vimanmek Mansion Museum on Ratchawithi Road. 
  5. Included pick-up service from hotel, transport and boat ride.
  6. Stayed overnight before taking my flight to Bangkok on the next day. 
  7. Most of my souvenirs and shopping haul are as above photos. Also including postcards and stamps which I bought and sent out earlier.


  1. Wow that's a lot of souvenirs! Many people say Thailand is a shopping haven. I recently went to Krabi and Phuket, but spent very minimally on souvenirs. On a very tight budget! Haha..

    Now the exchange rate has gone up as well. :/

  2. Bangkok is a shopping heaven! Wow, you bought so many clothes :)

  3. I think u bought too little, haha! You should buy more as a first timer to BKK!

  4. Wah, I spotted bikinis!! I wanna see you in them!!

  5. you have got good eyes for clothing and accessories. Love the blue bag and the ourse


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