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Chatuchak Weekend Market of Bangkok, Thailand

Date Visited: 20th October 2012
16th February 2013 

Besides few numbers of shopping malls around Bangkok which I went couple of times throughout my two visits, eventually there are three famous spots which I visited twice - Terminal 21 (a shopping mall with 9 different interesting travel concepts and themes), Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (largest floating market) and last but not least, the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which I don't mind of going back again and again in case I wanna visit Bangkok again in future.

Day 4 Bangkok, Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market 01
#1: Chatuchak Weekend Market is grouped into 27 sections and roughly divided into 11 categories which selling all kind of items.

As the largest market in Thailand, Chatuchak Weekend Market or the right way to pronounce will be "Jatujak" is only open on every Saturday and Sunday and most stalls here operate from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. If possible, plan your trip wisely and try to squeeze at least half of your day to visit this weekend market and trust me, you won't be disappointed and who knows, you might wanna go back again just like me. 

Day 4 Bangkok, Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market 03
#2: For home decoration purposes

Chatuchak Weekend Market offers wide selection of products; ranging from foods, clothing, accessories, household items, furnitures, Thai handicrafts, artifacts, and even exotic animals such as python. This place is absolutely an ideal place to choose one or two souvenirs for your family and friends back home and you will completely be spoilt for thousand of choices being offered here. Beware - as this is one of the places where my purse almost bleed badly, besides Platinum Mall and Naraya outlets.

Day 4 Bangkok, Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market 04
#3: Religious artifacts

Day 4 Bangkok, Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market 05
#4: Household items

Interested to buy those unique and beautiful furnitures, antiques, household items, ceramics and pottery but found difficulties in bringing back home especially when the items were heavy and huge and your luggage allowance is limited, no worry as there is this shipping and cargo services provided within the market area. The one that we came across was Cargo Point Logistics which they have 4 different branches located with this weekend market.

Day 4 Bangkok, Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market 06
#5: For me, I'm more interested on the clothing, accessories and Thai handicraft section

Day 4 Bangkok, Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market 07
#6: Most of the T-shirts here were designed by the local Thai themselves. Such innovative and creative talents they had. 

Day 4 Bangkok, Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market 08
#7: T-shirt with famous cartoon characters. Can you name all of them?

To be frank, I found most of the T-shirts designed by the local Thai were ain't cheap and some even cost 250 baht and above for just a white T-shirt with only a single design. But then, what make them special and unique was you can't found most of these designs in elsewhere. So in case you stumbled into the one you like, try to bargain and instantly buy it without thinking twice cause you wouldn't found the same shop selling the same item. Plus, as this market is so huge and large like I mentioned above, I doubt you might able to find back the shop you were interested earlier cause I experienced it twice. 

Bargaining wise, I noticed most of the stall vendors only allowed to lower few bahts when you bought two or more items from them. Perhaps, try to be friendly and give a big smile to the vendors in order to get the best deals.

Day 4 Bangkok, Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market 09
#8: What a visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market will be without visiting the foods section? This is one best way to experience and enjoy the local foods - especially the fruit juices which being peeled freshly into a bottle. They were indeed so refreshing and juicier. As for non-halal, don't forget to try at least a bite of the roasted pork cause they were simply delicious and scrumptious, man!

Day 4 Bangkok, Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market 02
#9: Don't ever leave this weekend market without having the famous and creamy fresh coconut ice-cream. It tastes so heavily especially under the hot heat and made me craving for second bowl.

Few Tips
  • Wear comfortable clothing (light T-shirts and shorts) and shoes and if possible, bring along hat, sunglasses and apply sunblock cause the weather will getting hotter especially during the noon time.
  • Wear your bag in front rather on your back to avoid pickpockets
  • Bring sufficient of baht cause I didn't spot any money chargers nearby. And also, most vendors do not accept credit cards, and it can be a long walk to the next ATM
  • Visit Chatuchak Weekend Market as early as you can in order to avoid the heat as well as the crowd.

How To Get To Chatuchak Weekend Market
BTS Station: Mo Chit (Exit 1) and follow the crowd until see rows of canvas stalls selling clothes and accessories.
MRT Station: Chatuchak Park (Exit 1) and follow the crowd as well.
Open on every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm


  1. Hi there! Blog hopping from Shirley, Luxury Haven.

    I been to Bangkok and Pattaya in March. Did not go to this market as not enough time, but I did go to the floating market. :) Bangkok is really a shopping haven.

  2. Oh no.. how u get that Diana Teo..?? The Famous Coconut Ice-cream.. i could not find it when i was there last year huhuuu.. :P


  3. Those mugs and plates, so cheap! Feel like wanna wholesale them back to my kitchen!

  4. That coconut ice cream sure looks tempting! Too bad my upcoming trip to Bangkok is during the fasting month. Yeah, clever me kan. Impulsive purchase that was. But I still hope I will enjoyed the city. Definitely gonna make lots of holes in my pocket this time.

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  6. I have heard about the ice cream too. Over here in SS2 night market they have it but am not sure does it have the same taste., RM5 a cup here

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  8. So glad to see Rose here too! Chatuchak is definitely one of my fave shopping places. Only thing I hate is the heat. Just dropping by to wish you a wonderful celebration with your mom tmr! xoxo

  9. For me, instead of visiting those shopping malls, I prefer to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market for here you can find almost anything instead of just clothes and so on..my friends told me that this place is not well known for its qualities and better go Platinum if want to buy clothes..perhaps they are right but still, I enjoy my time there and will definitely go again in my next visit to Bangkok!

  10. wei u post so many Thai trips...don't tempt me ler..i am trying to bertahan leh...hahahah

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