Sony NEX 5ND for Sale!

16.1 Mega Pixel Camera (White Colour) with SEL1855 & SEL16F28 Lens
Original Price: RM3,005
Bought in August 2012

Selling Price: RM1,800 (Price is negotiable)
All includes:
  • Double Lens Kit - SEL1855 & SEL16F28 Lens
  • External Flash
  • Two Rechargeable Battery Packs (RM285.00 each) 
  • 8GB SDHC Memory Card
  • Rear Lens Cap
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • HDMI Cable (Mini)
  • Pink Jacket Case (RM139.00)
  • Compact Battery Charger
  • Extra Camera Strap which I bought abroad (RM80.00)
Condition : Still in good condition, minor scratch but definitely no cracks.
Prefer: Cash on Delivery. 

The reason behind I'm selling this because I still prefer small and compact camera. To be frank, Sony NEX 5ND it's kinda lil bit bulky for me cause whenever I travel, I tends to bring tons of things including a laptop. This camera indeed produced great outcomes/results, no regret owning it - you can check out all the photos I took while on my adventures around the world - Sony NEX 5N.

Interested? Kindly please contact me at or tweet me at Twitter @dtdianateo


  1. wahhh rm1800 good bargain..why don't you advertise earlier~~ haha

  2. Dear Diana Teo,

    How are you there?

    I have lately saw your post at Travel & Living Journal of DT for Sony
    NEX 5ND. I have bought same model but black colour in years 2013. The
    accessories and camera all in very good condition. I am oddly used
    because of too bulky also.

    Currently I would need your help to exchange with me with your white
    colour.I like white colour very much. Hope you can consider my further

    Thank you and Best Regards,
    Contact number : 013 500 8397


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