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The Shopping Malls I Visited in Bangkok

Bangkok has numbers of shopping malls to cater all type of lifestyle and budgets shopaholic. Whether you are looking for global brands, finest fashion stores, speciality stores, accessories stands, bookstores and all kinds of luxury designer goods, Bangkok is definitely offers the best shopping experiences and exposure. From the legendary MBK Center, to trendy Siam Discovery and Central World Plaza, or unashamedly upscale Siam Paragon and even innovative Terminal 21, Bangkok's accommodate every taste, pocket and style. Not just that you will be spoiled by thousand of choices, most of these shopping malls are easily accessible via the efficient and convenient Skytrain (BTS) system. So put on your comfortable shoes and shop till you drop!

I did research beforehand and went most of the shopping malls listed under Top 10 Bangkok Shopping Malls and the list below are from the least favourite to most favourite one:

MBK Center
Bangkok Shopping Malls - MBK Center 01
Nearest BTS: National Stadium
Divided into 8 storey high and consists around 2,000 shops, MBK Center is popular among tourists, particularly the Western tourists  as most of the goods and items are selling at the affordable price. Therefore, this mall is claimed as an "Indoor Chatuchak Market" where you can find diversity of products, ranging from mobile phones, video games, luggage, street wear, cheap clothing and gold ornaments. It even has a large food court and cinema multiplex to complete the lifestyle experience. MBK Center is connected to the Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon shopping mall by skywalk footbridge systems, both of which are more upscale and have only authentic goods. Unfortunately for me, I found nothing special here eventhough I came across most of the goods here are pretty cheap.

Siam Discovery
Bangkok Shopping Malls - Siam Discovery 01
Nearest BTS: Siam 
Standing opposite of MBK Center is Siam Discovery caters to a slightly more mature market, mainly for teenagers. This medium size shopping complex houses many popular local fashion designers and global brand names such as Guess, DKNY, Shiseido, Mac, Diesel. North Face and more. But somehow, I found this place was generally more quiet than MBK Center and the reason I visited this modern shopping complex was mainly for Naraya.

Siam Paragon
Bangkok Shopping Malls - Siam Paragon 01
Nearest BTS: Siam
This glass-and-steel luxury megamall is listed as one of the biggest shopping centers in Asia. It houses wide range of specialty stores and restaurants as well as multiplex movie theater. If you are the type that looking for high street fashion to high-tech gadgets, home decor and exotic sports car, this is the place you are ideally looking for. Almost half of the stores here are devoted to luxury brand apparent which include Gucci, Channel, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vutton, Hugo Boss, Prada and more upmarket brands to name on. Not just that, I even saw numbers of car showrooms like BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Lamborghini and more. Another highlights include Kinokuniya bookstore and Siam Ocean World Aquarium. 
By the way, do you know that Siam Paragon is the No. 1 world's most Instagrammed Place last year?

Siam Center
Bangkok Shopping Malls - Siam Center 01
Nearest BTS: Siam 
Tucked in between Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon, this mall is mainly aiming for the young and hip one. Although most of the boutiques here are high-end articles which basically not my choice when comes to shopping, but I instantly fall in love with the fresh ideology of their interior design right at the first moment I stepped into Siam Center.

Central World
Bangkok Shopping Malls - Central World 01
Nearest BTS: Chidlom
Central World is known as Thailand's first lifestyle shopping complex and it is the sixth largest shopping complex in the world. This mall is marketed for the medium type and houses well-known brands such as Uniqlo, Timberland, Zara, MNG, H&M, Topshop and more. But one thing for sure I found out most tourists visit Central World was for Naraya.

Bangkok Shopping Malls - Central World 02

Terminal 21
Bangkok Shopping Malls - Terminal 21
Nearest BTS: Asoke
Terminal 21 is a mixed-use complex which consists of two parts - shopping mall and hotel & residence. But what attract most travellers and tourists to visit Terminal 21 was for its uniqueness and mesmerising interior design, even for the restrooms as well. Terminal 21 is divided into 9 floors with 9 different interesting travel concepts and themes decorated based on well-known and popular streets in cities under one roof such as London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Istabul, etc. This mall even has the longest escalators in Thailand, up to 36 metres. I blogged about this mall before and if you wanna know more about Terminal 21 - click here.

Platinum Fashion Mall
Bangkok Shopping Malls - Platinum Fashion Mall 01

Bangkok Shopping Malls - Platinum Fashion Mall 02
Nearest BTS: Chidlom 
When talking about shopping in Bangkok, the best shopping experience would be definitely Platinum Fashion Mall. It's Thailand largest fashion mall and one stop wholesale shopping. Divided into 3 different zones and 6 floors are completely specialises in wholesale fashion clothing and accessories. I never missed my day by visiting this mall and because of that, this is another spot where my purse almost bleed badly. Some people prefer to shop here rather than Chatuchak Market as it is more comfortable in an air-conditioned complex. Bargaining is only allowed when you purchase at least two and above.

So, how many of the above shopping mall have you been to? Which is your favourite one and which you dislike? Or you been to any shopping malls which I never been to? Don't be shy and feel free to share with us.

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  1. Me? Zero.

    For me....I think I would visit Terminal 21. Sound interesting. Next would be either platimum fashion mall or MBK.

    the rests of the mall sounds like something that we also hv here.

  2. hahahaa... none of them i have been .. will see next time in bangkok huhuhuu :D
    Btw thanks for the info :D

  3. I've only been to Siam Paragon - was wearing a pair of sandals with not much of a cushion and my soles was killing me. I was in desperate need of to sit down somewhere to rest my feet, the air con was added bonus. :P

  4. If u want a more-worthy wholesale price than Platinum Mall, there is another place call Pratunam Market. It is open-air type and some sort like pasar pagi. Cheaper price, I can get a short jeans at RM5 lol...Heard that those seller from Platinum also get the stocks from this Pratunam Market, not so sure how true is it. Btw, Pratunam Market is open at morning only, if not mistaken from 6am-11am

  5. I've been to all of them in just 2 visits to the city..

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