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Bangkok, Thailand (2012) Day 5: Goodbye Bangkok

Date of Travel: 21st October 2012

Everytime when comes to travelling, I felt the time passed freaking fast. Don't you think so? From the day we arrived, now it's the time to pack our bag and leave. And the thing was we haven't got enough of shopping. Luckily our flight was around 4pm, hence we still have more spare time to satisfy our shopping craze before leaving this shopping haven.

Day 5 Bangkok, Thailand - 01 Breakfast
#1: Last day of having breakfast in the hotel we stayed, The Period Pratunam Hotel

Day 5 Bangkok, Thailand - 02 Massage Parlour
#2: The massage parlour we patronised which just few steps away from our hotel. Oh boy! It's dirt cheap. A body massage for 60 minutes only cost 200 baht (approx. to RM20).

Not matter how crazy both my friend and I toward shopping, we always allocate sufficient of time to travel from hotel to airport cause Bangkok is well-known to be one of the world's most traffic congested cities. A group friends of mine experienced Bangkok's worst ever traffic congestion and consequently, they missed their flight. Hence, it is advisable to leave your lodging at least four hour earlier - spare two hours for travel time and one hour for counter check-in. I rather wait in the airport instead of missing my flight.

We requested the hotel staff to book a taxi for us. We met a group of Malaysian travellers who willing to share a taxi with us but unfortunately the taxi can only fit up to 6 people, when there were 7 of us. A taxi fare from our hotel to airport cost a standard rate of 350 baht (approx. to RM36) and of course, it would be more cheaper if sharing among 4 people.

Day 5 Bangkok, Thailand - 03 Don Mueang International Airport
#3: Less than half hour, we reached Don Mueang International Airport

Surprisingly, the road condition was smooth and steady. And most importantly, we didn't encounter any traffic congestion and within half an hour, we reached one of the world’s oldest international airports and Asia's oldest operating airport.

Day 5 Bangkok, Thailand - 04 AirAsia Weighting Scale
#4: I arrived Bangkok with my luggage weighted 7 kg and by the time of leaving, it's double up.

Actually, I had pre-booked 20 luggage allowance but turned out, my luggage only weighted less than 15 kg. Such a waste of 5 kg. If I knew, I should brought along 24 inch of luggage bag instead of the 20 inch one. As both my friend and I didn't pre-book any in-flight meal, we decided to have our lunch in the airport before boarding and our final pick was Fuji Japanese Restaurant, which serves a good quality and delicious Japanese cuisines and yet, the price is affordable and reasonable.

Day 5 Bangkok, Thailand - 05 Fuji Restaurant
#5: Both of us shared a set of Fuji Bento Tempura that comes with Chawanmushi which cost 310 baht only (approx. to RM32)

Day 5 Bangkok, Thailand - 06 McD Corn Pie
#6: I also bought Corn Pie from McD not just because curiosity of the taste, worry in case of hungry inside the plane.

Day 5 Bangkok, Thailand - 07 See You Again Bangkok
#7: And so, goodbye Bangkok till we see again... Oppps, I went back Bangkok four months later after this first trip of mine.

Day 5 Bangkok, Thailand - 08 My Travel Loots & Luggage Bag
#8: All my loots from Bangkok and wondering what I bought? Stay for my next upcoming post.


  1. aisey such a waste of 5kg leh. LOL...Could have bought more.

  2. I stayed in Berkeley Pratunam. A lovely hotel. Very convenient to walk around.

    i bought RM60 for 2 person. Luckily enough. Dread thinking of paying for the excess baggage. ^_^

  3. Wonderful adventure you had Diana. I love the corn pie. Don't think we have it over here.


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