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My Travel Loots from Hong & Macau (2012) Version 2.0

Hong Kong & Macau's Haul 01
#1: My travel loots from Hong Kong & Macau version 2.0 (Click here for version 1.0)

#2: Mickey Mouse T-shirt from Disneyland, two Teddy Bear tops from Giordano (Citygate Outlet) and the Macau T-shirt bought from Senado Square.

Hong Kong & Macau's Haul 03
#3: Coach handbag from Citygate Outlet (not for myself but birthday gift for my Queen); Stamp printed handbag from Ladies Market and blue tote bag for my sister & myself.

#4: Except for the I HK which I bought from Stanley Market, the rest I bought from Ladies Market. Some selling between HK$80-HK$100 for 5 pieces.

#5: All the Hong Kong keychains and fridge magnets bought from Stanley Market whereas for Macau, bought nearby Senado Square and also The Venetian.

#6: Unhealthy snacks as always. The Meiji Chcolate Fran Sticks, I bought more than 10 boxes.

#7: Impossible for me to leave Hong Kong Disneyland with empty-handed

#8: Bought these little Disney characters photo frame holders as well (It's so cute I'm gonna die)

#9: Camera straps. Left one from Mongkok and right one from Hong Kong Disneyland.

#10: Absolutely not mine but it's Boyfie's shopping loots. Bought from Giordano Outlet, G200 and Uniqlo. For Giordano T-shirt, you can grab as low as HK$199 for 4 pieces. 

Note: Another scheduled post of mine cause I'm currently away for my very first trip for the brand new year 2014. 


  1. omg! so many things u beli?! *hands down*

  2. i like your travel journey, although it sounds like no need work~

  3. Oh My...the disney photo holder so super cute!

  4. The fridge magnets of Hong Kong road so cool :)

  5. Waaah!!! So many things! You can even open a booth at Mid Valley!

  6. Very nice ...
    You really know how to buy those lovely stuff..

  7. Disney characters photo frame is soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  8. thx for the info ,hope you love Macau
    bwloe link is for your info:


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