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Hong Kong & Macau Day 3: Impromptu Trip To Macau

Date of Visit: 19th September 2012

Trip to Macau can be claimed to be an impromptu trip for both Boyfie and I. We planned to go Macau either on the fourth or fifth day of our trip in Hong Kong, but out of sudden on the second night, I received message from a very good friend of mine that she and her husband were in Macau. Hence, we had to change our plan to go Macau on the third day without any advance preparation especially for the ferry ticket. But since both of us went there before, guess there won't be any issue for that.

Before crossing Macau, don't forget to bring along your passport cause Macau is designated under Special Administrative Regions operating which they have their own immigration controls, currencies and autonomous governments. I have few friends who eventually forgot to bring their passports along and at the end, either trip to Macau had to be cancelled or even being postponed. 

Where To Catch The Ferry
MTR Sheung Wan Station, Exit D and then head up to the 3rd floor. 

Day 3 Macau 01
#1: Everytime come out from a particular station, make sure check for the right exit. 

Going to Macau is so convenient that you can go for just a day trip. For many years, the most usual way to across Macau from Hong Kong is by taking ferry. Ferries from Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan operate 24 hours a day at frequencies of every 15-30 minutes by day and hourly at night. With so many sailings in a day, there really is little need to book ahead from Hong Kong, and ferries are rarely full. Generally tickets can be bought for the next sailing, up to thirty minutes before departure.

However, be aware that late evening and night sailings from Macau to Hong Kong can get full, and it’s advised to book your return on arrival in Macau, if you plan on a late return.

In Macau, they dock at the Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal. The cheapest one way ticket from Hong Kong is HK$142 and the trip takes roughly an hour, depending on the sea condition and boat used. Fares on weekends tend to be slightly expensive compare on weekdays. Ferries are operated by TurboJet. Another frequent ferry service is operated by Cotai Jet but it dock at the Taipa Ferry Terminal, which very close and quick access to The Venetian.

Day 3 Macau 02
#2: We purchased the TurboJet tickets cause it dock at the terminal which closer to the most attractions in Macau.

Day 3 Macau Ferry Terminal
#3: At Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal, there are more option for free shuttle bus if compare Taipa Ferry Terminal.

Right after we met my friend and her husband at Senado Square, both of them brought us up and down just to search for a local restaurant that claim to be very popular and famous with its Portuguese cuisines but unfortunately, it was kinda early and hasn't opened yet. Same goes for the rest of those famous eateries as well.
Day 3 Macau Purplefish & Keem 01
#4: My very close friend, Purplefish and her husband were asking the local for the restaurant's location.

Day 3 Macau Signboard
#5: Many signs and establishments make use of Chinese and Portuguese names with English becoming commonplace.

Day 3 Macau Senado Square 03
#6: A storeful of alley that filled with numerous of foods stalls and souvenir shops on left and right

Hong Kong & Macau 2012 06
#7: We decided to take photos first at Ruins of St. Paul's before more and more tourist groups are approaching, especially during the noon time.

After that, we tried our luck once again to search for one of the two most popular and famous Portuguese egg tarts which situated close to Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul's  but turned out, it closed on every Wednesday.

Day 3 Macau Margaret's Cafe Nata
#8: Finally I found you, the famous Margaret's Cafe e Nate for its Portuguese egg tart but looks like there's no fate. Is this means that I need to go Macau for the third time? 

It's kinda hard to locate Margaret's Cafe e Nate especially if you are searching for the very firs time cause it located in some hidden alley behind a building. Thank goodness my friend and her husband knew about this place cause they went Macau before this.

Day 3 Macau Pork Chop Bun
#9: We gave up and we settled our brunch at a small little cafe shop located besides Margaret's Cafe e Nate. My order - pork chop bun. #nonhalal

Once we done with our brunch, we bid goodbye to each other cause both of friends interested of taking cable car in Guia Hill whereas Boyfie and I not really into that as we might taking cable car too on the following day in Hong Kong. Again, we went back to Senado Square for more phototaking before move on to our next journey.

Day 3 Macau Senado Square 01
#10: Opposite of Senado Square, the Leal Senado Building is beautifully manicured with numerous of colourful flowers decoration.

Day 3 Macau Senado Square 02
#11: Even historical European styled buildings within Senado Square are brighten up with multi-colour of lantern in conjuction of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Day 3 Macau Post Office
#12: Besides phototaking, one of the main reasons to go back Senado Square was to buy stamps from the General Post Office which enclosed within the square. Boyfie commented that I really love to go post office.

One of the biggest mistake that done by both of us was taking taxi from ferry terminal to Senado Square when we could have other better alternative. One of the cost-saving way to travel around Macau is simply by hopping on and off the complimentary shuttle buses operated by all major casinos and hotels, only in the case where you have plenty of time to kill and you generally have to be at least 18 years old.

Here are tips on how to get these few spots using the complimentary shuttle buses: 
  • To get to Senado Square and Ruins of St Paul's, take the shuttle buses provided by Wynn or Lisboa and those buses will drop you off just a few blocks from those attractions. 
  • To get to Fisherman's Wharf, take the Landmark's free shuttle buses.
  • For Golden Lotus Square, take Sands Macau Hotel's shuttle buses.
  • To the Border Gates, Taipa Ferry Terminal and Macau International Airport, take these big boys shuttle buses; Venetian, Wynn, City of Dreams, Galaxy and etc.
    Fisherman’s Wharf
    Fisherman’s Wharfand Golden Lotus Square, take The Sands' shuttle buses.

Day 3 Macau Grand Lisbon
#13: For some casinos, you might need to get a ticket in order to leave the casino by their shuttle bus, for example Lisboa Casino.

How both of us get to The Venetian from Senado Square eventually?
Walked few minutes from Senado Square to Lisboa Casino-> took Lisboa Casino's shuttle bus -> Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal -> took The Venetian's shuttle bus.

Day 3 Macau The Venetian 02
#14: Well, hello The Venetian for the second time! Don't ask me why I choose to back here instead of other casinos but I seriously fall in love with the Venetian over and over again.

Day 3 Macau The Venetian 01
#15: San Luca canal. Since I experienced the real one in Venice, hence I never bother for this one.

Day 3 Macau McDonald at The Venetian
#16: Everywhere I go, for sure I will ended up with McDonald's again but this one is totally not available in Malaysia. Shogun burger - a teriyaki pork patty with lettuce served on a sesame seed bun. #nonhalal

Day 3 Macau The Venetian Bus
#17: The Venetian's shuttle bus and once again, do take note which ferry terminal that you are going to cause Macau has two different ferry terminal.

Day 3 Macau Ramen Dinner
#18: Ramen dinner at Sheung Wan station before officially wrap up our third night in Hong Kong.

Fun Fact About Macau
Do you know that it is very silly to buy mineral water in Macau when you can get for free in almost of the casinos. I even enjoyed myself drinking fruit juices and soya bean drinks for free in The Venetian casino. Another cost-saving tip.

[Credit To: Wikitravel,]


  1. I enjoy your travel story. All pic are so nice an make me crazy to visit Macao can you tell me about there weather. Which season is good for Macao visit ?

  2. Macau is full, lively and happening. Lots of stuffs and really am intrigued in planning a trip soon.

  3. I love eating their pork chop buns & Portuguese egg tarts whenever I'm there!

  4. I did try Margaret's Cafe on my first visit as I stayed quite near it and their sandwiches were amazing! And it's true that shuttle buses and mineral waters are the best things about these casinos..haha

  5. LOL...I didnt know about the mineral water thingy. I thought everything they will charge money even for cili padi

  6. Good information about the ferry between Macau and Hong Kong..
    Wow... free drink that really nice to know about that :D

  7. Thanks for the useful tips of free water, can I bring my own bottle to fill up? *kiasu aunty mode ON* :P

    1. No need bring bottle. You can grab those water come in small bottle as many as you want =D

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