Top 3 Commentators for Year 2013

Another year has passed and it's the time again for me to reward three blog readers of mine who leave the most trail or comments in this little humble blog of mine - Travel & Living Journal of DT. This year I didn't spend much on souvenirs while I was on the road but mostly on foods instead. So, it's kinda hard for me to courier those foods (I wish I could somehow) and I try to replace with something else. Plus, two of the winners are travel bloggers who had been almost the same places I'd been to and it's really cracking my head what to give to them. Anyway, I hope the three winners will like the little and simple token of appreciation I'm giving.

Now, it's the time for me to reveal the top 3 Commentators for the Year 2013 *drum roll again and again..................*

From the bottom 3

Biqque from Beauty in Darkness (travel blogger) - with 46 comments

  • A set of Travel stationery theme
  • Face masks and fridge magnet from Taiwan 
  •  Keychain from Sarawak
  • Lavera hand cream

As for Top 2

Jeff Chuah from Jeff's Travel (another travel blogger) - with 51 comments

  • A set of Travel stationery theme
  • Sling bag and fridge magnet from Bali, Indonesia
  • Face masks from Taiwan
  • Sticky memo
  • Keychain from Sarawak

And the Winner goes to...  

 Small Kucing & Mamarazzi from - with 63 comments

  • T-shirt from Macau 
  •  A set of Travel stationery theme
  • Face masks from Taiwan
  • Handcream from Hatyai, Thailand
  • Cute notebook from Osaka, Japan
  • Fridge magnet from Bangkok, Thailand
  • Keychain from Sarawak
Not forgetting to the rest, thank you so much for continuously supporting my blog. I'm truly appreciate for all the comments I received and emails too, for willing to share all your thoughts of my blog.  

Here is the list for this year Top 10 Commentators:
1. Small Kucing & Mamarazzi from - 63 comments
2. Jeff Chuah from Jeff's Travel - 51 comments
3. Biqque from Beauty in Darkness - 46 comments
4. Choi Yen from theChency - 40 comments
5. Hong Chern Wern from World of Travels, Environment and Photography - 38 comments
6. Shirley Tay from Luxury Haven - 32 comments
7. Time Traveller from Travel My Way - 20 comments
8. Mr Lonely from A Growing Teenager Diary and Twilight Man from Twilight Zone - 17 comments each
10. Aemy Nadira from Aemy the Lil Lady - 14 comments

As for Hong Chern Wern and Shirley Tay, I would like to surprise both of you with mystery travel goodies for becoming the top 10 commentators for 3 consecutive years.

So for the five winners above, don't forget to leave your name, mailing address and contact number to my email: within 14 days from the date of this post for acknowledgement. In case no response were given within the timeframe given, new winner will be chosen.

Once again, this post concluded the final and last post of my blog for the year 2013 and I hope that each and every readers of mine enjoying read all my travel journey and adventures. Oh boy! I'm really trying hard to complete my never-ending 2012 and 2013 travelogue as soon as possible.

Before I wrap up,

"Let's all welcome 2014 with a smile,
a spirit of giving, a sense of humanity,
a pledge to spread peace and happiness.
Happy New Year to all my blog readers!"


    1. Happy new year diana ofcos nama JM tak ada dlm senarai heeeee

    2. Congrats Biqque and Jeff! You guys deserve it! Anyway, Happy New Year DT.

      * Saw ur tweet earlier today and yesterday, whatever and whoever it is, get well soon ya! Hope everything is fine.

    3. Diana, thanks for the prize! I don't really expect anything for commenting in your blog..

      Hope you have a great year in 2014!

    4. alaaa.. kalau u buat top 10.. mesti nama time traveller dah tersenarai hahaaa.. :D
      By the way Happy New Year Diana Teo.. :D

    5. Congrats to all winners, & thanks so much for the sweet surprise! Happy blogging & enjoy your adventures :)

    6. Haha. Congrats Biqque and Jeff for being Top 3! And to Afif TT for being in Top 10. :D

    7. Is No.4 is me? but my blog URL not correct wor :(

      1. Huh? Wrong meh? But everytime I click on your profile, it shows this "theChency - Beauty Lifestyle Blog".

      2. This comment has been removed by the author.

      3. her blog. :)

    8. Hapy New Year! Thanks for the nomination. Will email u my new address. :)

    9. Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners!! This Small kucing is a famous spammer with Nenek Kebayan stories! Wakakakakakaka

    10. wahhh i am still veryyy honor to be the one of the top commentators~ i will send you my address through your FB. Thanks a lot! Happy New Year 2014 to you!

    11. thx for the info ,hope you love Macau
      bwloe link is for your info:


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