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Hong Kong & Macau Day 5: Golden Bauhinia Square, Avenue of Stars & Ladies Market (Mongkok)

Date of Visit: 21st September 2012

#1: As usual, dim sum for breakfast at the restaurant nearby where we stayed in Boyfie's relatives house. #nonhalal

Throughout our 7 days trip in Hong Kong and Macau, Boyfie and I had dim sum for breakfast almost every morning but we couldn't complain much cause all were treated by Boyfie's relatives. I can honestly say that Boyfie and I save a lot for this trip especially in terms of accommodation as well as for most of the foods we consumed. We couldn't ask for more relatively but feeling grateful for all the kind and warm hospitality given by Boyfie's relatives.

Since this is my 4th times to Hong Kong, I tried my best to cover most of the famous attractions and spots which I missed out from the three previous trips of mine. Besides the Big Buddha in Lantau Island, one of them would definitely be Golden Bauhinia Square, a historical and important landmark and symbol to Hong Kong.

#2: Just follow the sign and it took approximately 15 minutes walk from MTR Wan Chai Station.

#3: This gold plated sculpture represents a symbol of Hong Kong's independence from the British.

Everyday at 8.00 am, a flag-raising ceremony is held and at that particular moment, this area would be very crowded especially with a huge group of tourists. We missed the flag-raising ceremony but at least by the time we reach there, it was less crowded and I could take as much photos as I want. Located right next to Golden Bauhinia Square is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

#4: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - Visitors are allowed to enter and sometimes there are some exhibition going on.

#5: Open area of Golden Bauhinia Square in North Wan Chai.

How to Get To Golden Bauhinia Square & Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
MTR Wan Chai Station, Exit A5. Walk across the footbridge, then turn right and head through the lobby of Central Plaza. Continue across the connecting overhead walkway, then descend to the ground level. Walk towards the waterfront ahead and the statue and monument will be on your left. The entire walk takes approximately 15 minutes.

I'm never satisfied with the photos I took in Avenue of Stars during night time and so, I told Boyfie I would like to go during the day time for another phototaking. Instead of taking MTR to across to Tsim Sha Tsui, Boyfie suggested for another Star Ferry ride since the Wan Chai Star Ferry pier is just few distance away. 

#6: This particular colourful Star Ferry is to promote Hong Kong as Asia's World City.

#7: Within less than 10 minutes ride, we reach Tsim Sha Tsui ferry pier.

#8: Ready your camera and experience the magic of this hundred-year history of Hong Kong's movies at the Avenue of Stars on the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade.

#9: I met Buddy Bear again for third time - after the first one in Berlin, Germany and the second time in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

#10: Some plaques contain hand prints and autographs of the stars set in cement as an honour to Hong Kong's celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Andy Lau and even our Malaysian actress, Michelle Yeoh. Just like Hollywood Walk of Frame. 

In case you grew up watching Hong Kong's movies and dramas just like me, you would find this place is very fascinating and interesting, or else you might find nothing special here. Besides Avenue of Stars, there are several tourist attractions along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront such as Clock Tower, Cultural Centre, Space Museum and Museum of Art.

How to Get To Avenue of Stars
Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Exit E, walk towards harbour and go through subway (pedestrian tunnel) to the waterfront; or East Tsim Sha Tsui KCR Exit J and walk through subway.

One time is seriously never enough and this place I went exactly how many times I visited Hong Kong - Mong Kok. Even Nathan Road and Yau Ma Tei is consider part of Mong Kok area. This area is commonly popular for shopping and eating. For those who is going Hong Kong for the very first time, I would highly recommended to stay around this area.

#11: A trip to Hong Kong is incomplete without a stop at Mong Kok.

#12: Mong Kok Street - one of Hong Kong's liveliest area, packed with storeful of shops and countless of street side stalls. This is one area where you get a slice of the real Hong Kong.

#13: An array of cheap street foods can be found here such as famous curry fishballs, stinky beancurds and egg waffles. 

#14: If compare between Stanley Market and Ladies Market, the latter one would be my favourite pick. It's not just the city's most famous market but still one of the best market that sell everything and anything.

Despite the name, Ladies Market is not mainly aimed for women but surprisingly for men too where both can find wide selection of items here, ranging from fake designer handbags, clothing, watches, accessories to toys and electronics. Don't this place sounds similar to our Malaysia's Petaling Street? Bargaining might seems like part of the game in this market but be aware that most of the sellers appeared to be more aggressive.

How to Get To Ladies Market
MTR Mong Kok Station, Exit E2. Walk along Nelson Street for two blocks. Ladies Market is tucked between Boundary Street and Dundas Street on Tung Choi Street

#15: At night, we had big gathering with Boyfie's relatives - including his uncle, aunt, cousins and their children at MegaBox Mall in Kowloon Bay.

#16: My damages for the day - luggage tags, blue polka dot camera strap and stamps printed handbag from Ladies Market whereas for the snacks bought from subway station.


  1. Michelle Yeoh name also there.. what a good for Malaysia name there... :D
    the dim sum look so delicious.. wanna if there is halal one there hehehee..

  2. I also went to the Golden Bauhinia Square and am about to write on it too...What a coincidence...
    Ladies' Market is indeed a good spot to hunt cheap items...

  3. I missed out Ladies Market on my last visit, does it looks like our Petaling street with all those fake stuffs?

  4. ahh Hong Kong.. last visit was in 2009.. planning to re-visit it next year.. anyway Merry Xmas & Happy New Year Diana ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing tour information post about Hong Kong Tourist Information


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