Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Met United Buddy Bears in Berlin

I guess most of you have met United Buddy Bears as these colourful bear statues were being displayed last few month in front of the entrance of Pavilion KL. Yes, I did met them too on last January before going holiday to Phuket. But you might not knowing that this is not the first time I met United Buddy Bears cause I met them before way back in year 2008 in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin United Buddy Bears 01

Initially, my friends and I thought these bears are just like any other normal statues that might be symbol of a country. Out of our expectation, these fibreglass bear sculptures was originally developed in Berlin, Germany has now taken over the world with spreading a message of peace, international understanding and tolerance among the nations, cultures and religions of this world.

Berlin United Buddy Bears 02

Unlike the one in Pavilion, KL where the exhibition was displayed at one point and you take photo or even hug with almost all of these 143 two meter tall fibreglass bears, Berlin did it differently. These bear sculptures were displayed at different point, so it might be a lil bit tricky to consume some time, energy and even some luck to find them.

Berlin United Buddy Bears 03
Design of the world genius Albert Einstein. Specially dedicated for him as he was German-born and you know what, today is the day where he was born.

Berlin United Buddy Bears 08

Berlin United Buddy Bears 04

Berlin United Buddy Bears 05

Berlin United Buddy Bears 06

While searching for these around Berlin, I told my friends that I have the intention to buy these United Buddy Bears keychains as part of my travel collection. And guess what?

Berlin United Buddy Bears 09
Yes, I did saw there is a shop somewhere around Berlin city selling these kind of keychains. Unfortunately, they were so expensive. A mini and small keychain with the height of at least 2 inches or less cost almost RM100 for one only. Hence, my intention to have them immediately vanished once I saw the price tag. The keychains are indeed so pretty and creative but their price are much more prettier. Deng!

Since I unable to buy those keychains, therefore my friends and I did something silly and insane.

Berlin United Buddy Bears 07
Yeah! We're becoming the United Buddy Bear Human instead.

I really enjoy taking photo with these series of painted bear statues together with my friends. I guess I started to admire all this kind of series statues wherever I met them while travelling; taking for example like "Superlambananas in Liverpool" and the latest one I spotted in Phuket.
A compilation of photo with United Buddy Bears in Berlin, Germany.


  1. beautiful variaty of paintings on the united buddy bears.

  2. I like the Berlin one, has fountain somemore!! 8D

  3. whoa.. the UBB were oredi in Berlin, and U meet em again?? :)

  4. i love that buddy human posing! :D great la u sudah pegi to Germany...envy uuuuu!

  5. cute buddy bears! look better than those around Pavilion KL :)

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  6. aww so weird keep seeing Mr.Lee LOL I wanna go Berlin!!!

  7. You have a nice blog which was recommended by Daniel Chiam. I will add you to my blogrol.



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