m.y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y 2012

Seriously, I really have no idea what to put for the title of this post, hence I decided just to make it short and simple. I seldom blog about my life currently cause I prefer to tweet and my this blog serve as my travel journal to reflect of all my past travel experience and adventures. Somehow, I still will blog of my personal lifestyle once in a while, therefore I added "Living" as part of my blog title.

Another year has passed and here comes another year celebration of my birthday. Yeap, my birthday was yesterday and I am really truly blessed with all the blast celebration together with family, friends and boyfie.

Even my very best friend courier a "Starbucks Coffee Planner" all the way from Miri cause she knows that I have the habit of writing diary since I was 10.

 Birthday 01 - Starbucks Planner from Miri
Thanks to Chris and this is my first present for the year.

Almost every year (if I'm around KK) definitely I will celebrate with my dearest crazy bestie which we met since in secondary school until now. My friends who has been with me for more than 10 year.*
Thanks to Shing Wei and Wawa for the treat on my pre-birthday. We're having at the newly opened restaurant, FullHouse Lifestyle Cafe.

Picnik collage2
We are always crazy, young and wild. I really having a great and wonderful time when I with them and they are really indeed complete part of my life.

As early on my birthday itself, I received unexpected surprise from my dearest boyfie.

He gave me a bouquet of lilies which is my favourite flowers. My jaw is really almost drop to the floor when I received this and I never expecting this at all. Frankly speaking, I never receive any flowers from guys before. Yes, I did received quite a lot but it was during my college/university graduation. He can be that sweet and romantic sometimes. Thanks boyfie ♥♥♥
Birthday 02 - Flowers from Boyfie

A birthday celebration wouldn't so call if not celebrate with family. Initially, we decided to have Chinese foods for dinner but unfortunately, the one that we plan to dine-in closed down. Therefore, we plan to go to nearby Japanese restaurant. My boyfie also tagged along with us.
Birthday 03 - Japanese Birthday Dinner
Yoshimi Japanese Restaurant, Warisan Square. Thanks mommy for the treat.

Last but not least, a cake is a must to complete this birthday celebration. Early of this year, I had decided to have ice-cream cake as my birthday cake. But in KK, we don't have those famous ice-cream chain outlet such as Haagen Dazs and Baskin Robbins. So this mission to have ice-cream cake seems impossible unless you order it earlier from the normal bakery shop. Thanks to my deariest Wawa for informed me that we still have this local ice-cream outlet that selling ice-cream cake too.

 Birthday 04 - Ice Cream Cake
Bought 2 pieces cause there are only 4 of us (mommy, lil bro, boyfie & me. Dad went China for business trip). The taste of this ice-cream makes me feels like in paradise.

I would like to thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, either via facebook, SMS or even twitter. I am truly happy and delightful to receive all the wishes from you all. Not forgeting to all these bloggers for the meaningful birthday wishes; Hilda Teo, Rosyln Kong, Charmaine Pua Li Ping, Kemang, Mariah Doksil, Helmi John, Teo Jun Fook, Henry Tan, Priscilla Needsahug Tawie,
Richard Lex, Iz Cawan, Jeff Chuah, Tom Rungitom, and Fish Szehui, Thanks to you all. YOU GUYS ROCK MY WOLRD!!

10 March
10 March - People born on this day love to travel. No wonder lah! I was born this way apparently.

Photo courtesy to my besties, Shing Wei from her Samsung S2 and edited by me.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your celebrations that much! ^_^ Stay happy and young always!

  2. Aw sweeeett :D happy belated birthday SISTER xD

  3. hoho! i will remember to buy you some keychain/fridge magnet if I got go other place! =D

  4. Wow, so accurate ah the keychain! :P

  5. Happy belated birthday! The flowers are lovely :)

  6. yup you were born that way.. :D.. he he he.. Happy Belated Birthday Dee.. ^_^.v..

  7. Happy belated bday, dear! Wow, looks like you'd a great time! Gosh, just look at those flowers! Lucky u!

  8. Happy belated birthday babe! Glad that u really enjoy ur birthday! :)

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to you Diana...wishing all your dreams come true, more happiness and joyful with your beloved one.

  10. Happy B'day to you Diane~. Wishing you all the best with lots of travelling :D


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