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Hong Kong & Macau Day 1 & 2: Hello Hong Kong Again & Stanley Market

Hong Kong is no longer a strange country for me since I'd been to this vibrant and lively country few times, and to be exact, this could be consider my 4th trip to Hong Kong so far. And to be frank, I kinda dislike Hong Kong from what I'd been through during my maiden trip and I was thinking why on earth will I ever going back to this country that I used to dislike. But then I realised, there is something more, something sparkling about Hong Kong that worth for me to discover ever more and more...

Well, of course one of the main reason I went Hong Kong last year was because Boyfie received a sum of money from Hong Kong Government and so he decided to tag me along and also as a treat for my last year birthday gift. [The best birthday present ever for a gal who always love to travel

Date of Visit:17th September 2012

Day 1 Hong Kong Arrived
#2: Hello again to one of the busiest airport in Asia - Hong Kong International Airport after three hours of flight from Kota Kinabalu.

During this trip, we had save a lot especially in terms of accommodation. We stayed at Boyfie's relatives place which situated less than half an hour from the city center. Instead of requested his relatives to wait for us at the airport, we decided to take the bus on our own since the bus will stop directly in front of his relatives place. Plus, both of us had the Octopus Card which we didn't refund them from our previous trip, making this trip so convenient and hassle-free.

Day 1 Arrived Hong Kong 02
#3: We took bus No. A29 to Hang Hau and surprisingly, there's free WiFi internet access inside the bus. Instantly I check-in and to report to my family that I was safely arrived.

Day 2 Accommodation in Hong Kong
#4: It was indeed a small room but we're grateful for all the kind and warm hospitality given by boyfie's relatives.

Date of Visit:18th September 2012

As usual, every morning Boyfie's relatives would bring us to restaurant for breakfast and for sure, it's none other than dim sum. It's like staple meal for each and every Hong Kong people to have dim sum.

Day 2 Dim Sum Restaurant 01
#5: Mostly occupied by the senior citizen cause the young one went to work or school at that particular hour.

Day 2 Dim Sum 02
#6: Almost every morning we had these when breakfast with Boyfie's relatives.

After that, Boyfie and I moved on to our first destination on the second day. Since Boyfie been to Hong Kong don't know how many times and also ever stayed there for certain period, he let me to decide where I wanna go. Hence, I suggested to go Stanley Street since I never been there before and also, as a big fan of Hong Kong drama, I saw many times those artists mentioned about this place, making me more eager to discover about this place.

Day 2 MRT System Map with Local Tourist Attractions
#7: MRT system map with local tourist attractions. Looks like there are so many places that yet to discover.

The only way to Stanley Market is by taking public bus and it's really pretty convenient and easy when comes to public transportation in Hong Kong. I'm wondering why some people mentioned that the public transport in Hong Kong is so confusing and complicated. Wait until you visit Japan, Korea, Australia and Europe, you will find out the significant differences of their public transportation. 

When the bus arrived, Boyfie and I choose the upper deck so that we can see more clearer of the landscape and scenic view throughout the journey. By the way, Hong Kong people refer Stanley as "Chek Chue" and please don't ever mention the word of Stanley when asking for direction.

Day 2 Stanley Street 01
#8: Colourful signboards. It's hard to get lost in Hong Kong

Day 2 Stanley Street 05
#9: A typical scene like I always saw in almost Hong Kong drama

Day 2 Stanley Street 02
#10: Stanley Street is similar to the Ladies' Street in Mongkok. Almost all the items sold here were similar too but for the price wise, it seems to be slightly higher than the latter one.

Day 2 Stanley Street 03
#11: Stanley Main Street - where you can find stretch of cafes, pubs, bars and restaurant that serve wide range of international dishes and with a view overlooking the South China Sea.

Day 2 Stanley Street 06
#12: Without realising, it's time for lunch and we decided to grab our quick lunch from our favourite 24 hours convenience store - 7-Eleven.

Day 2 Stanley Street 07
#13: Well, apparently we came here just for sightseeing, souvenirs hunting and quick lunch.

In case you have plenty of time, then you may consider about this place. If not, it is not advisable to visit this cause the journey from Central Station to reach here was kinda long and the things, especially the souvenirs were slightly higher in terms of price. And from my observation, this place was mostly visited by the Caucasian tourists seeing that this spot provide a relaxing and chilling environment to hang out with families and friends.

Day 2 Repulse Bay
#14: Repulse Bay, a bay in the southern part of Hong Kong

We didn't have the intention to stop at Repulse Bay cause I'd been to this spot before with my family during my first trip. It's just like our normal beach but to be honest, it's more cleaner than ours one. During the summer time, it is fully occupied for water activities, especially for netball match. I still remember that my tour guide even mentioned that Repulse Bay area is one of the most expensive housing areas in Hong Kong where it is homes for the rich and famous. Even the famous action movie star, Jackie Chan, one of his house was located in this area.

How to get to Stanley Street and Repulse Bay
From MTR Central Station Exit B, head to Exchange Square bus terminal and take bus 6, 6A, 6X or 260.


  1. Beautiful pictures and I miss Hong Kong & love the buildings of Macau. :)

  2. Wow what a brief post. I like to read ur post.. Sya belum pernah pigi hong kong. Mau pegi vist sana someday. Btw, bestnya bas pun ada wifi hehe

  3. Maybe I should consider dropping by their beaches to have a look at it...and I would thought Stanley Market is rather obscure but when you mentioned about seeing Caucasians, probably I'm wrong...

  4. Wah, u really travel non-stop wor, nice~~~
    The weather was unbearable hot when I travel HK last year, so we opted to stay in the bus (Big Bus Tours) instead to go down for a walk ;(

  5. The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Hong Kong and stuff. Online Travel Agencies

  6. wah!! 4th time and got people to host you around..that's good :D


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