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Foodie Friday: Sushi Tei, Suria Sabah

Blog about Sushi Tei before this (click here) but I would like to post again with more food photos. It's Friday by the way and it's time for Foodie Friday post in Travel & Living Journal of DT.

Well, there are quite number or Japanese restaurants around Kota Kinabalu but many of them either not up to the standard by providing a low quality of sushi or quite pricey. My family and I and even my boyfie are big fans of sushi and almost once every week will ended up eating at Japanese restaurant. The most frequent Japanese restaurants that we visited are either Wojamama (Sabah local Japanese cuisine) or Sushi Tei, an international Japanese Restaurant chain originated from Singapore.

Sushi Tei is one of the Japanese restaurant that I realised providing an assortment of scrumptious of Japanese cuisine with an affordable price. Even sometimes, I had my late lunch at there with my family. My favourites of all time from Sushi Tei was different varieties of Inari sushi and also they do serve sushi with mentai - which is hardly to find in any other Japanese eateries around KK.

So, basically this post is compilation of my few visits to Sushi Tei within these few months. Be prepared with yourself with all the wide spray of delightful and delicious of Japanese cuisines' photos my family, boyfie and I had. Itadakimasu!

Sushi Tei 01
Dinner with boyfie & lil bro when parents went Chiangmai. Almost the whole plate are fulled with mentai sushi. Told you I am big fan of mentai sushi.

Sushi Tei 02
My dad's all time favourite - Salmon and sashimi. I have a weak stomach, so never got the chance to try.

Sushi Tei 03
Dai Dai Roll 

Sushi Tei 04
Assorted of sushi with maki, Tosa

Sushi Tei 05
Tempura - Fried veggies 

Sushi Tei 06
This whole plate of sushi was ordered by me and belongs to mine. 

Sushi Tei 07
Sashimi Salad

Sushi Tei 08
Tamago roll with unagi. The tamago is too soft, which is not my taste.

Sushi Tei 09
Again my favourite sushi - Inari with assortment of choices, Inari Kani Mayo, Inari Tuna.

Sushi Tei 10

Sushi Tei 11
My mom's favourite - Temaki
Sushi Tei 12
Chuka Idako (Marinated baby octopus), Chuka Wakame (Seasoned seaweed), Chuka Kurage (Seasoned jellyfish).

With a decent prices and deliver such fresh and good quality of sushi and other Japanese cuisines, it is impossible for me to restrict myself for another revisit again to this fine Japanese restaurant located in Suria Sabah. So, there's no surprise if you see this Sushi Tei is full with crowd almost every night.

Sushi Tei

Suria Sabah Shopping Mall 
Lot G-68, Ground Floor,
1, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


  1. Oh mai oh mai.... looks so delicious! i have never try any sushi in sabah before xD

    Latest in room8five Genting Highland and Zouk KL

  2. I love Mentaiko! Seeing these pix makes me drool. Lol!

  3. OMG!! delicious weyy!!!!!!

    btw, please support my video yeah! you can find that in my latest blog post! :D the number of hits and likes will affect my final assignment marks! thanks yeah!

  4. I had a bad expereince with Sushi Tei..
    then ever since I didn't go there..

  5. Unusual shusi, would like to try it.


  6. hmmm im not a big fan of sushi. i dun even know what's mentai sushi! perhaps would give it a try next time!

  7. Delicious and tempting sushi...

  8. aww weak stomach cant take raw sashimi? but it's delicious :D

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  9. Suddenly felt that the sushi restaurant would be more awesome if it's named "Sushi Tau" as in "Sushi, tahu!". Wakakaa.

    Unagi! My fav. But can be my most despised Japanese dish kalo dia ada tulang ni... you know, tulang yang kurus tu sampai buli stuck di gigi then cucuk lagi gusi. OMGosh.

    Happy Monday, Diana. btw, my fav japanese restaurant is Nijyumaru...


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