Foodie Friday: Pancake House International, Karamunsing

Pancake House International 02 Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of pancake neither do I ever crave for it too. But my two nasty besties send me a photo and try to seduce me while I was doing my revision in KL and told me that there was a newly opened franchise restaurant in KK city, hence I replied to them that I love to try once I am back to KK. Who doesn't love to try new thing?

A day after I reached my beloved KK city, both of them brought me to the place we'd promised before. Gosh, the gals seems like the regular customers of the restaurant. Had tried this, had tried that before but for me, everything is completely new - so it took a long time for me to decide which to order.

Pancake House International 01

Pancake House International 02
For those who is die-hard-pancake, it's a must try!

Not just they do serve pancake, there are lots of other choices to choose including western foods like steak, burger and more.

3 of us decided to order the set meal, as it is more worthwhile for money.

Pancake House International 03
A set meal come along with a drink and we prefered Iced Lemon Tea.

Pancake House International 04
Spaghetti taste nice and for the taco, I would live to give thumb up for the taco. Unfortunately, disappointed with the fried chicken, it taste salty.

Pancake House International 05
A sandwich, a salad and taco too.

Pancake House International 06
A meal wouldn't complete without order their signature dish - Pancake.

It's not bad after all trying the pancake. But somehow, pancake still not my favourite food. Another new place in KK town for family and friends come together to enjoy an awesome foods.

Pancake House International,
Ground Floor,
Karamunsing Complex
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


  1. Their pancakes was nice. And the presentation when I had it was similar to the menu, which is a good thing! :)


  2. My son's a big fan of pancakes & I make them for his breakfast sometimes. Looks like a cafe he'll like :)

  3. ok diana, frankly speaking i'm a big fan of pancakes! hahaha..dont know why..mybe i love the taste of it very much! with the maple syrup on top. walla!

    how was ur exam? i think...mine is like a failure huhuhu.

  4. looks yummy... another i can recommend here in kl is paddington pancake, you can get them at the curve

  5. it looks like the paddington pancake at KL! love it alot :D


  6. the spaghetti looks good and the taco..hmmm...just love tacos...

    KK got many good food around eh as caroline kept saying how much she miss the food there..haha


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