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Kuching Café: Madeleine Cafe & Patisserie

When one mentions about Kuching, can't deny quite number of notable local dishes such laksa, kolo mee, kek lapis, kueh chap and more will instantly hit one's mind and even the mouth too. As I frequently visit Kuching cause it's my second hometown, I have try almost all the local dishes. Plus, I even did a list of what to eat and which shops or stalls are recommended to try for their respective dishes: Food Must Have When Visit Kuching

But because I keep going back Kuching and had the same local food over and over again, I want opt for something new, something unique. That's where I stumbled upon Madeleine Cafe & Patisserie, a very classic and cozy cafe with French-inspired design situated at Ground Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall of Kuching. So in case you are tired or exhausted from shopping spree, take a break and relax by sipping a cup of hot coffee or tea pair with heavenly slice of cake without have to travel far away.  

Madeleine Cafe - The Overview
#1: Madeleine Cafe & Patisserie situated at Ground Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall of Kuching

Madeleine Cafe - The Overview-1
#2: A very classic and cozy cafe with French-inspired design 

Even before you step into the cafe, you can see wide array of freshly baked breads, croissants, cakes and pastries serve beautifully in the display counter. It's so many until I really having an issue to choose which should I have.   

Madeleine Cafe 03
#3: Freshly baked breads and croissants 

Madeleine Cafe 05
#4: Their cakes are beautifully created 

Madeleine Cafe 04
#5: A bit pricey but value for money  

Madeleine Cafe 06
#6: So now, which should I choose? 

So far, I've been to this cafe three, or four times? I barely remember but I don't mind going back again when I return to Kuching for more of their sweet and savoury delights. Who ever thought such a beautiful and perfectly crafted piece of cake would ever exist in the heart of Kuching town? Even so far, I haven't find any cafes serve this kind of cake in Kota Kinabalu town. 

Madeleine Cafe 01
#7: Mango and Passion Cake

Madeleine Cafe 02
#8: Coffee Opera Cake

Madeleine Cafe 08
#9: Drinks, cakes and pastries we ordered

Madeleine also serves a variety of beverages such as speciality coffees, teas, fruit juices and soft drinks. But still, my main choice would always be a cup of hot latte or mocha everytime I pay my visit here. 

Madeleine Cafe 07
#10: Their signature Coconut Cake (behind) and Green Tea cake (front)

Madeleine Cafe 09
#11: Coffee and cakes - the perfect match ever 

Relating to the price, although it might be lil pricey but then it's worth every ringgit you spend. Their breads, pastries and cakes are priced so for their superior and excellent quality. Oh boy! I should stop myself from keep continue to blog about this cafe cause I'm craving for their cakes and matcha croissant at this hour. 

Madeleine Cafe & Patisserie
Ground Floor, The Spring Shopping Mall,
Kuching (Behind Sushi King)

Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm daily except for Saturday which opens until 12am 

P/S: I will going Kuching again soon and any new cafes to intro? 


  1. Ahhh those looks really nice. Kinda reminds me of what they have at One Roof Cafe. I love a good pastry, though. Am a pastry person. Especially when they make good croissant ❤ believe ot or not, the only places I've been in Sarawak is probably Mulu, Miri and that's about it? I haven't even try anything local yet. :( Maybe haven't.

    1. I've been to One Roof Cafe three times but everytime I went, I didn't find their cakes fascinating except for their croissants. But I quite love their food like Teriyaki Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice.

  2. hi sis...wahh sedapnya semua makanan dalam gambar tuu..tertiba rindu sangat nak balik Kuchingggg waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    rindu nak makan laksa
    nak makan mi kolok
    nak makan umai dll..


    1. Saya pun rindu makanan Kuching. Semua sedap lah =)

  3. perghhh menyesal tengok pagi-pagi nih
    terus rasa lapar


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