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Tyrol, Austria

Small Note: Being abandoned for almost 2 years in order to give way to blog of other places first, and now decided to resume my trip around Europe in 20 days back in year 2008.

Austria 01
You know how exhausted and tiring to sit in a bus for almost 12 hours a day for the straight 20 days?

The 6th country that we stopby during the trip around Europe in 20 days. Austria (somehow sounds like Australia) is one of the landlocked country in Central Europe. Once we reached Tyrol, one of the city situated in the west of Austria, this city somehow give me somekind of feeling that I was in Switzerland.

Austria 03
The clear blue sky and the green mountain in Tyrol is really similar to the one I saw in Switzerland.

Austria 04

Austria 05
Not only for the scenery, even each and every of the structure and design of the building also similar to Switzerland.

Austria 07
This is the guest house that we're overnight during our stayed in Austria.

Austria 06
Nestled in the Alps with a river which runs through it.

Although we didn't managed to do sightseeing for the attractions because most of it being blocked by the mountains, but this is one of the coolest place to plan for an extreme outdoor activities such as skydiving. Few of my tourmates from Australia did skydiving by jump off from the small aircraft and managed to witness the spectacular view of the city. So envy with them but imagine how expensive it was? To jump off one time like that, it cost almost RM1,000. Maybe I should start earn and save money by now and feels the satisfaction of using own money, right?

Austria 08
Even though we didn't do the skydiving, but we rent a bike and cycling around the town. The weather on that day is cloudy and windy and we're absolutely love these kind of weather. It was the perfect time for us to cycling around. (Hey, I just did cycling too yesterday around one of Sabah's magnificent resort with boyfie).

Austria 09
What an amazing scenery? The city with no pollution and all you feel is the fresh air. It is absolutely a healthy place to stay.


  1. How nice that you always gets to travel around the world, I hope one day I will have the chance. Backpacking on a budget is one of my dreams.

  2. wahhh...nice nice..Austria is one of the most beautiful european countries..but 12 hours in the bus per day for 20 days ? too hectic lor..why the tour agency plan like that one? can die..hehehe

  3. Now who is complaining that she didn't travel enough! You travel to more places than me!!

  4. I was in Switzerland a couple of months ago and its an amazing place to visit.

  5. gosh... beautiful.... you have made me wanna go austria NOW. serene... i too with cycle when i am there :)

  6. Fresh air is what I need!
    Gorgeous breath-taking scenes. Thks for bringing me around!

    Been really busy but just wanna drop by to wish u Merry Xmas & Happy 2012! It's great knowing u :)

    With love from Singapore,
    Shirley's Luxury Haven

  7. Wah seriously? Sit 12 hours in a bus for so many days...I can imagine the butt pain *ouch*

  8. @charmaine yeah kinda pain in butt,


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