Thursday, May 24, 2012

Everland Resort - 3rd Theme Area: European Adventure

Once we done with the Safari ride from the Zoo-Topia theme area, we reached upon another third theme area of European Adventure. At here, we got to experience all the architecture of the building imitates various of European styles. For this theme area I will blog in 2 different posts. Like I mentioned before, wanna do an absolute coverage of Everland Resort. 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 1) 01
This is one funny photo of me and my friend. I was wondering what was I looking at actually?

Everland - European Adventure (Part 1) 02
Creepy and spooky Halloween festivals around Everland Resort

Everland - European Adventure (Part 1) 03
This is one of my friend's favourite ride and she keeps asking us to join, but four of us were too scared for this ride. At the end, she went enjoyed the ride all by herself. She is too daring. 

If you are wondering why we refused to join her? Take a look at the next photo.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 1) 04
This ride is known as T-Express and it is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world with 77 degrees. It is South Korea's first wooden coasted and has become the most highest, fastest, longest and steepest roller coaster of South Korea. Now who dare to take a ride on this T-Express? 

Everland - European Adventure (Part 1) 08
While waiting for my friend, Nicole to enjoy her most adrenaline rush ride, we have a soft ice-cream. Gosh! It's quite hot during the early season of autumn in Seoul.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 1) 05
The grand stage where the parade will be performed.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 1) 07
Here is the parade of Everland Resort. It is so lively, happening and vibrant celebration in the Land of Festivals! There are like 2-3 parade will be held a day and we got to watch it twice.

Everland - European Adventure (Part 1) 06
The one amazing thing was we watched the parade while having our ride on the Skyway, another kind of ski lift where it served as a shortcut from one theme area to another theme area.

My next few post would be sharing of another two type of Everland's theme area and the second part of European Adventure theme area. 


  1. d roller coaster looks very exciting..

  2. The ride looked ex exciting. why didnt join.

  3. Everland, i've been there back in 2003.. but I can't remember much of the memories :)
    wish to visit South Korea again!

  4. Cool and full of excitement especially T-Express....I wouldn't mind to ride it :-)

  5. Looks like fun, I don't know this amusement park.


  6. Oooo...roller coaster! *faints* Was in Seoul many many years ago - early winter. It was so cold, not much activity. I guess it's better to go in the warmer seasons.

  7. wow..77 degrees..but too short...the 'chikek'ness not enough...haha
    did u try the FujiQ highland roller coaster in Japan? that should be ultimate..haha..
    BTW i have bloglink your blog d :D finally..

  8. More from Everland? Cool! The pix r so colourful :)

  9. the t xpress looks so cool! did you try on that ? :)


    1. I'm a korean, and I rode it last year. IT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!

  10. I wanna tide on that sky way!!

  11. eh.. how come i have not been to this place before when I was in Korea.. ? argh.. looks nice..


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