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Qatar Airways, My Favourite Getaway to Europe

It all started when my friend and I planning to see the Northern Lights, or known as aurora borealis. After browsing few airlines, we spotted Qatar Airways is having promo, whereby fly-in Stockholm and fly-out Oslo for RM2,780 which consider to be reasonable and affordable cause both of these cities are well-known to be comparatively expensive to fly in and out. Without thinking any longer, instantly we click book and that's goes our "Duo Trip to Hunt for Aurora Lights". 

2016 Qatar Airways 01-1

It's my maiden experience to fly with Qatar Airways and to be frank, I didn't expect to have any high expectations for this particular airline. Most of the traveller would recommend to fly with either Emirates or Etihad Airways in case you're planning for your trip to Europe but since I flew with these two prestigious airlines before, I'm more eagerly to try something new. You know like they said "Never Try, Never Know", right? 

Well, everything went well and smooth on our flying day - pretty fast and convenient counter check-in, immigration clearance and now, let's get ready for boarding. 

Right from the moment we stepped into the cabin, we're warm welcomed with its vibrant red and dark purple colour scheme seats. Each seat is prepared with a cute little cushion and warm blanket for each and every passenger. I found that the legroom space consider to be pretty spacious and as usual, I always pre-assigned for the window seat to enjoy the aerial view.

 2016 Qatar Airways 03

Entertainment and USB ports? Of course, Qatar Airways offers all these so you don't get bore during  the long hour journey.

2016 Qatar Airways 04

2016 Qatar Airways 02

As for the in-flight meal, we're served with the following:
Wasabi potato salad with carrots and peas

Main Course (Choose one out of three options)
Baked fish fillet with tomato sauce, gratin potato and buttered vegetables

Banana crumble cake

My verdict? Can I have more? Seriously, I never had the most delicious in-flight meals ever to the extend that I almost lick my cutlery. Even my friend have the same thought as mine too, just that she hasn't reach the licking part yet.

2016 Qatar Airways 01-3
Aerial view of reaching Doha city

2016 Hamad International Airport, Doha
Hamad International Airport with giant canary yellow teddy bear behind - it's the iconic of the airport

2016 Hamad International Airport, Doha 01

The other reason why I love to fly with Qatar Airways is because it's principal airport is less crowded, has plenty of seats and more comfortable than Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The two latter airports are so packed and overcrowded making me feel so uncomfortable while I was transit there.

2016 Qatar Airways 05
Continue with another flight from Doha to Stockholm 

2016 Qatar Airways 06
Forgot to take pic of the menu of the second meal they served but again, super extremely delicious

2016 Sweden Stockholm 00
After 13 hours and 30 minutes of flight time with 2 hours and 30 minutes of transit, finally we reach the land of Ikea, H&M, Candy Crush and more. 

If I have another chance to fly to Europe again, definitely I will choose Qatar Airways but then because I love to experience something new, probably not in the nearest future unless another super great deal offer. If talking about long-haul journey with premium airlines, so far I flew with Emirates (twice), Etihad, Qatar Airways and Thai Airways to Europe and British Airways to New Zealand, I personally think that Qatar Airways is at least twice better than the rest. And currently, I'm looking forward to fly with Turkish Airlines, Oman Air, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and more for another journey to Europe.

So how about you? Have any of you have any of your favourite airline to fly with? Feel free to share your flying experience and I love to hear it.

It's short and brief post cause I'm currently for another adventures again. Follow my Instagram to find out where I'm heading to. 


  1. I've not flown with Emirates nor Etihad before but did once with Qatar Airways. Despite my luggage missed the connecting flight from Doha to Zagreb (haha), my flight Qatar Airways great. My luggage was promptly forwarded to me to Sarajevo too. Btw, Qatar Airways named best airlines for 2017.

    p/s: saw your instagram on your current holiday. Am jealous! :)

  2. What a lucky girl to be able to see Aurora Borealis. That's in my bucket list.
    Their Qatar Airport looks ultra modern and nice. I often heard of transit passengers having to sit and sleep on the floor at Dubai airport even at 3.00am as they don't have enough benches!

  3. hahaha nice to hear about delicious food on the plane. It's really unfair that only bad food get highlighted.

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