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2017 Australia: Vivid Sydney Festival

What's the main reason behind causing me to visit Sydney for the third time? 
Simple - it's all because of Vivid Sydney Festival. It's Australia's largest event held annually which involving lights, music, colours and ideas. As the sun sets beyond the horizon, the whole city of Sydney gets drenched in colourful light installations and projections for more than three weeks between end of May to early of June. 

2017 Vivid Sydney Cover

That's explain why I purposely booked my ticket to visit Australia end of May last year solely to witness myself of this creative and most-awaited lighting festivals. Finally another thing checked off from my bucket list. 

2017 Vivid Sydney 01 - Sydney Town Hall
#1: Sydney City Hall

To be honest, my friends and I didn't really have a proper plan in place. What we know was that this festival took place in most notable places around Sydney such as Darling Harbour, Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, The Rocks, Kings Cross and more. We settled our dinner quite early for us to enjoy and explore hands-on opportunities. 

Darling Harbour
This is the first spot we went for Vivid Sydney Festival. Probably it's just the beginning week of this festival, therefore the crowd wasn't intense as we thought. We even found a place for us to sit down and enjoy the musical fountain. 

2017 Vivid Sydney 05

2017 Vivid Sydney 06

2017 Vivid Sydney 08

2017 Vivid Sydney 09

2017 Vivid Sydney 10

Sydney Opera House
This is the main star of this festival. So no surprised to see the massive crowd gathered here. It's really hard for us to find a spot to stand and take photo without any interruption. But it's really worth to witness and watch the sails on the Opera House keep changing in a motion, from flowers to sea creatures like stingray and jellyfish. 

2017 Vivid Sydney 12

2017 Vivid Sydney 13

2017 Vivid Sydney 14

Museum of Contemporary Art

2017 Vivid Sydney 11-1

2017 Vivid Sydney 11

Harbour Bridge

2017 Vivid Sydney 16

Overall, we went and watched Vivid Sydney Festival in two separate nights but still, we unable to cover most of them. There are so many interesting and fascinating things to see during the festival and I wish someday that I could return back for more, especially to see the lights at Taronga Zoo, Royal Botanic Gardens and Luna Park. It's truly amazed me to see Sydney's skyline lit up colourfully with lighting installations and projections and turned the whole city into such a great vibe. 

2017 Vivid Sydney 15
#13: Sydney, you make me back for more! 

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