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Chinatown Bangkok of Thailand (Yaowarat)

Date Visited: 13th February 2013

After the unbearable heat in Wat Pho, also known as Temple of Reclining Buddha, we then proceeded to our next stop, Chinatown to fulfill our hungry tummy as the time was approaching lunch hour at that moment. And because we bought One Day River Pass of Chao Phraya Tourist Boat where we can have unlimited rides on the tourist boat, therefore we went back to the pier and wait for the boat to our next desired destination.

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 01
#1: Get off at Ratchawongse Pier (N5) in order to get to Chinatown

Once we got off at Ratchawongse Pier, we followed the crowd and walked along for 500 meters before reaching the intersection of Yaowarat Road, this is where the home of Bangkok's sizable Chinese community. There are many small streets and alleys filled with variety kind of shops and vendors selling all different types of goods; such as accessories, clothes, bags, shoes, household items and more. Not forgetting, the wide selection of delicious and scrumptious of street foods are available here as well. By the time we were there, it was still Chinese New Year celebration and therefore, the whole street was decorated brightly with red lantern.

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 02
#2: A visit to Chinatown is incomplete without spotting the Chinese Arch

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 03
#3: Spotted signboard with Chinese characters in the central of Yaowarat Road

Our main intention to visit Chinatown was mainly to fulfill our crave toward Chinese cuisine and searching for a decent Chinese restaurant seems to be so difficult that we almost lose our patient and hope searching for one. Luckily enough, we noticed one but then, we need to wait for almost half an hour as the restaurant was fully occupied.

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 04
#4: A decent Chinese restaurant serves relatively affordable and good Chinese cuisines

After waited for almost an hour, we were being served to a table for 10 people. After browsing through the menu given, and these were among the dishes we ordered:

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 05
#5: Barbecued pork (Char Siu)

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 06
#6: Seafood fried rice. Kinda disappointed with the portion cause we thought can serve up to 4-5 pax

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 07
#7: Stir Fry Kailan with Shrimps

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 08
#8: Dim sum

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 09
#9: Jellyfish cooked with sesame oil and chilli sauce

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 10
#10: Mixed vegetables

Conclusion, nothing to shout out for this restaurant and it was merely for our hungry tummy filling. After that, we continued to explore around this vibrant Chinatown before moving on to our next destination, Terminal One as well as to one of the best restaurants for an authentic mouth-watering Thai cuisine in Bangkok, Nara Thai Cuisine afterthen. The path of the central Yaowarat Road, which bisects the area is believed to resemble a dragon's curvy body, making it an auspicious spot for business purposes. From the colourful lights of the gold shops to the healing herbs and spices found in the Chinese medicine stores and the ancient tea shops, there are plentiful glimpses of traditional Thai-Chinese culture.

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 12
#11: Lined with many herbs and spices shop as well as gold shops.

Bangkok 2013 Day 2 - Chinatown Bangkok 11
#12: Creative artwork spotted in Chinatown

Would I be back for more? Probably nope, cause after visited 6 Chinatown so far (Kuala Lumpur, London, Manchester, Melbourne, Singapore and Bangkok), I would probably think the one in Singapore is way more better than this one.

How To Get To Chinatown 
Take Chao Phraya Tourist Boat and get off at Ratchawongse Pier (N5). Walk along Ratchawongse Road for 500 meters to reach the intersection of Yaowarat Road.


  1. have to wait for an hour? that is very long wait. Hmmm....toobad about the food being moderate.

    now you made me wanna visit Singapore Chinatown pulak

  2. So far, I just visited Chinatown for KL only. Hope next time can explore other country's Chinatown especially Singapore which recommend by you :)

  3. wah, nice, i wish to go the bankok china town now~ =D

  4. Next time you can try the famous T&K Seafood there :)

  5. My dad was asking why didn't bring the family here earlier instead of the last day itself during our visit to Bangkok. He was having quite a nice time tasting the street foods available here.


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