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The Colourful Chinatown of Singapore

Date Visited: 18th December 2012

Been to Singapore quite few times but most of the times, I rather spent my time visited the amusement and theme parks, zoo, shopping streets and so on. Not until when I saw someone shared a photo of Chinatown of Singapore in Instagram, then I realised this is another spot not to be missed by anyone, especially when one had visited most Chinatown all over the world. Oh boy, why didn't I realise it earlier but then, it's not too late for me to visit right? 

Chinatown, Singapore 01
#1: It's so convenient and easy to travel to Chinatown with Singapore's extensive and great public transport system

Chinatown, Singapore 02
#2: Colourful restored and well-preserved shophouses

Just when I thought this old street will only be decorated with red lanterns during the Chinese New Year Celebration and guess what, I was lucky enough eventhough they weren't decorated as many during the happening celebration but they were few still around and almost completely enough for me for doing my photoshooting activities. I was there few days before the Christmas during my visit there.

Chinatown, Singapore 04
#3: Even the windows are painted uniquely

Unlike most of the typical Chinatown I've been to like in London, Manchester, Melbourne, Bangkok and even the one in Kuala Lumpur, the atmosphere here is totally different from the rest and the best thing was it is the cleanest one and less crowded. It even has excellent free public WiFi covering the whole street of Chinatown. So now you know where to go if you want to stay connected with your beloved friends and family.

Chinatown, Singapore 07
#4: The street of Chinatown

Besides rich in history, archicture and culture, this is an ideal place for those who are looking for eclectic, impressive and colourful photoshooting spot. If you see clearly the photo, the guy in green shirt was making a video of this bustle and vibrant street. The whole shophouses were painted in variety in different colours of which pastal is most dominant. Without noticing the time, I spent almost two hours here completely for phototaking only - no shopping, no eating and no toilet break at all.

Chinatown, Singapore 03
#5: Each shophouse carries its own character and you won't spot any repetitive colour and style at all

Chinatown, Singapore 05
#6: Another row of the shophouses

Chinatown, Singapore 06
#7: Chinese prefers red cause it believes brings good luck and its auspicious colour.

Chinatown, Singapore 08
#8: Chinatown view from the above

Chinatown is commonly known by tourists and travellers for its cheap shopping and one of the best place for  local foods, although there are lots of small alleys for you to discover and explore which one is the best. My family and I didn't have the time to find the local foods there cause most of them prefer to have McD instead. McD is has been part of our stampler foods whenever we travel, it's really hard for us to run away from that. But in case you don't know where to get the cheap souvenirs in Singapore especially the typical type such as fridge magnets, keychains, T-shirt and so on, here is the place to go. There are even few shops selling gold and jade jewellery, fine silks and antiques.  

Chinatown, Singapore 09
#9: Good news for TinTin fans cause you can find your collection here

Chinatown, Singapore 10
#10: Fridge magnets, mugs, shot glasses, T-shirts, postcards, luggage tags and more but no doubt, majority are made from China. Don't be surprised cause after all, you are in Chinatown 

Chinatown, Singapore 11
#11: Yes, Singapore has really strict laws by the way

How To Get To Chinatown of Singapore
Exit A (Pagoda Street) of North-East MRT line's Chinatown station


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    Similar like u..always go to the fun side of Spore...Ha..ha... Hey..the tintin shop looks attractive...watched that movie a few times.. may be can give it a visit when i go to Spore again...:)

  3. hahaha i was at this place last weekend...they have been doing a very good job in decorating this place. love the ambience.

  4. such long time i have not been there


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