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We Eat, Shop & Sleep in Hatyai: We Eat Shabushi @ Lee Plaza Plaza

Date Visited: 21st June 2013

Right after we checked out our hotel room in Centara Hotel Hatyai, both of our stomach were growling and rumbling and by when we looked at the time, it was 2.30 pm. Straight from the airport directly to the hotel, we didn't have anything yet and hence, we instantly cleaned ourselves and went out for the late lunch.

As Lee Garden Plaza situated right in front of our hotel, we decided to go in to look for any restaurants were still open at this odd hour. After ventured almost the whole area of this shopping mall, we decided to try this Shabushi located on the ground floor, which was easily noted right we went in from the entrance.

Shabushi 01
#1: Shabushi located on ground floor of Lee Garden Plaza

Shabushi is a Japanese restaurant serving shabu-shabu and sushi in a buffet style. With the price of 345 baht (approx. to RM36) for a pax, we can eat as many as we want, which my friend and I thought it was reasonable and affordable, seeing that we didn't have anything earlier.

Shabushi 02
#2: Our own personal hotpot

As for the soupbases, there are few choices to choose from such as Tom Yam soup, chicken soup and more but for me, I definitely select Tom Yam soup cause spicy is always my ultimate pick when come to food.

Shabushi 03
#3: Just grab anything u want from the kaizen belt

From the kaizen belt, there are variety of fresh raw foods being served such as chicken and pork meat, fish fillet, prawns, fish cakes, mushrooms, vegetables, eggs, noodles and more to choose from. 

Shabushi 04
#4: Tempura and sushi

Besides for the raw foods, there are also readily cooked meals served at the corner side such as tempura, gyoza, fried chicken, fried rice and more. But the main highlight would be the unlimited of colourful sushi. Honestly to say, I prefer the sushi section than the shabu-shabu one.

Shabushi 05
#5: The fried section - I love the gyoza especially.

Shabushi 06
#6: The unlimited sushi bar

Shabushi 07
#7: Not just cold beverages, they do served hot one as well.

Shabushi 08
#8: What would a buffet be without ice-cream?

Overall, I personally think the food served in Shabushi is fairly good and I quite satisfied with it cause at that particular moment, my hometown doesn't have this kind of themed restaurant available yet. Plus, with the price for only 345 baht, I can eat as many sushi as I want (I'm freaking love Japanese meals) without worrying that it will burn a big hole of my wallet. 

Just bear in mind, each patron is given 75 minutes to enjoy their meal, or else additional cost will be charged.


  1. am opposite of you. not really crazy about Japanese food but your snaps sure looks good

  2. Those sushi definitely looks good for a shabu shabu buffet like this!


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