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We Eat, Shop & Sleep in Hatyai: Klong Hae Floating Market

Date Visited: 22nd June 2013

Floating markets in Thailand are the most popular attraction among the tourists. Like the one in Bangkok,  Damnoen Saduak Floating Market I eventually went twice and I found it was pretty interesting and unique experience which hardly to seen in Malaysia. So when I was in Hatyai, I never missed the opportunity to visit their local floating market.

The floating market in Hatyai is known as Klong Hae Floating Market, the name was given upon where it's located. They are commonly known as Hatyai Floating Market too, so don't worry if you couldn't memorise the actual name.

Hat Yai – Klong Hae Floating Market 07
#1: One of the mode of transportation to the floating market - Tuk-tuk

We took tuk-tuk to reach this popular floating market and the ride cost 420 baht for return. The more people, the lesser you pay but because there were only two of us, hence it cost 210 baht each. The driver allowed us to venture the floating market for 3 hours, at least. In case you are wondering how to look for these tuk-tuk driver, most of the time these tuk-tuk drivers would eventually approach you everytime step out from the hotel, especially if you are staying nearby Lee Garden Plaza.

Hat Yai – Klong Hae Floating Market 02
#2: Small stalls before reaching the floating market selling unique and cute handmade handicrafts 

Klong Hae Floating Market is only open from Friday to Sunday. Generally, the vendors start to operate from 3pm to 9pm. So if you are lucky to be in Hatyai on that particular day, why not spend some time to visit this interesting and unique floating market? 

#3: Klong Hae Floating Market

From the bridge, we saw a line of colourful boat lining up alongside the canal. Just can't wait to get closer to see what are they offering. Large number of vendors there are selling variety of local Thai food and snacks but in a unique way. The vendors will hang over a basket tied on a long bamboo stick, put the money inside the basket, and they will place the foods inside the basket and hang over back again to you. Pretty interesting but sometime I worry either my money or food will dropped into the water but hey, I guess these people are professional, right? 

Hat Yai – Klong Hae Floating Market 03
#4: Drinks served in unique and cute clay pots

Majority of the food and snacks are halal and suitable to the Muslim visitors. Price wise, it cost roughly around 10 baht to 30 baht which I think it's pretty affordable. Among all the stalls, the most outstanding is where the drink served in unique and cute design clay pots, instead of using plastic bags. My friend and I couldn't help ourselves but bought the drink which came along with the clay pots. Of course, you could actually bring back as a memento for sure.

Hat Yai – Klong Hae Floating Market 04
#5: Variety of local Thai food and snacks

Hat Yai – Klong Hae Floating Market 05
#6: Foodstalls

Besides the floating market, there are number of foodstalls and souvenir shops set up for more shopping experiences. The food and snacks sold are more or less the same as the one selling in boats, just that it's less crowded.

Hat Yai – Klong Hae Floating Market 06
#7: Anyone dare to try this?

Hat Yai – Klong Hae Floating Market 08
#8: My loots from the floating market 

Honestly speaking, I prefer this Klong Hae Floating Market than Damnoen Saduak Floating Market simply because few reasons; less crowded, cheaper food and more interesting things than the latter on.

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  1. The handicrafts are so many and cute :)

  2. saw so many went. One of these days i wanna go too. heard the got lots of things to see there

  3. That clay pots look too cute! I would definitely buy that too... along with all the food!

  4. Good info... heading to hatyai soon ☺

  5. I am surprised they have this floating market there now as it was unheard of during my childhood days. Probably my relatives are locals and saw there was no need to eat or shop there. Interesting indeed and will visit there someday. Thank you


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