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Keep Calm & Travel to Hatyai (Sneak Peek)

It's kinda depressing for me after I was being forced to cancel my 10 days trip to China & Vietnam (click here) last few months due to work commitment. Plus the reason behind of lack update of my blog lately was because my hectic life as a freelance bookkeeper, where I work day and night including weekend for non-stop. At that moment, I realised that I seriously need another short getaway. Coincidentally, my friend who travelled with me to Bangkok last year also need a short break from her hectic life too and ended up, both of us choose to go Hatyai. It was kinda last minute planning where we bought the airticket less than two months ahead when we saw the promotion from AirAsia.

MAS Teddy Bear & Air Ticket
#1: Travel with Malaysia Airlines from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur for just a return airfare of RM136. Freaking dirt cheap - including 30kg of baggage allowance and in-flight meal!

AirAsia Teddy Bear & Ticket
#2: Went KL for just a flight connection. We bought a return airfare via AirAsia to Hatyai for RM161. For some of you, it might seems pricey, but like I mentioned before, we bought less than two months ahead. So, for us it's kinda reasonable.

Hatyai, Thailand 01
#3: Sawatdee Kaa สวัสดี from Hatyai

Hatyai, Thailand 02
#4: Centara Hotel Hatyai (formerly known as Novotel). Stayed in this hotel 10 years ago and decided to stay here again.

Actually, I went Hatyai before with my family back in 10 years ago but unfortunately we didn't managed to enjoy our long holiday here due to flood. Therefore I would love to make another visit here and try to cover few of the places and attractions which I missed out 10 years ago.

#5: Khlong Hae Floating Market. I prefer this one rather than Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok. The latter one was overrated and too commercialised. 

Hatyai, Thailand 03
#6: Hatyai Ice Dome. Both of us wore short pants and we were shivering for non-stop. Kinda foolish but we really enjoy the beautiful ice sculpture with the lightning effect. 

Hatyai, Thailand 04
#7: Songkhla Aquarium - It's kinda small but in order to kill our time, so we just went through with the flow.

The Golden Mermaid Statue Songkhla
#8: The Golden Mermaid statue - Famous landmark of Hatyai & Songkhla.

Hatyai in Love
#9: Hatyai in

Frankly speaking, although I fancy Bangkok city much more than Hatyai but my friend and I really enjoy our life here. In the beginning we thought that spending 5 days in Hatyai might be too much, where 4D3N should be appropriate but it's OK, cause like I said before, this trip is our short getaway to run away from our hectic life. Relax and easy, no rush throughout our 5 days and 4 nights trip. Take things easily and pampering ourselves.

Hatyai - Sleep, Eat, Play & Shopping
#10: So basically what we did during our 5 days and 4 nights trip in Hatyai - eat, sleep, play & shopping. 

Hatyai - one of my travel bucket list has been achieved in ♥DT Travel♥. Guess after this, where will be my next destination?

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  1. Hey DDT! Haha.

    Wa Hatyai ka. Seriously, I've never heard of that place before. Sot o lol.

    Siok o floating market. And what do you mean the other one is too commercialised?

    Anyway, Happy Wednesday yo!

  2. I just came back from Hatyai too but have yet start edit my photo :P

  3. cool! when i see the word hatyai, i picture the golden mermaid. the posters are everywhere in town. hehe


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