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Salâm from Iran

I really lost count the trips I had for this year - whether it's my 3rd or 4th trip so far. I have been bitten by travel bugs once again, cause I lost my passion in travelling somewhere in between 2016 to 2017 due to personal reasons but now, I'm craving for more travel adventures - not sure this is good or bad sign anyway.

2018 Iran Isfahan 01
#1: Iran marks the 41st country I visited and it's my first Middle East country I've been.

Well, let's get back to the main story. It's another impromptu trip to Iran right after my friend and I came across the insider news of AirAsia X decided to permanently cease the route to Iran for the second time. Of course, they didn't announce publicly it but we knew it somehow. I'm not sure how much did my friend bought the airtickets but it's my birthday gift from him. For a gal who loves to travel, this is the best gift ever which I always looking forward. Funny how I never interested in any of these high-end or designer handbags, Pandora, Swaroski or even beauty and cosmetic products at all but then, tend to look forward for more exotic countries such as Central Asia, Morocco, Mongolia, North Korea and so on. Sometimes I doubt myself whether I'm a lady or not.

Cut the story short and here are few highlights of where we went and what we did in Iran for 4 days 4 nights:

2018 Iran Imam Khomeini Airport 01
#2: Iran is three and half hour behind Malaysia time. By the time we reach IKA, it's midnight and the only way to get down to the city is by taking Snapp, Iran's version of Uber/Grab.

2018 Iran Azadi Tower 01
#3: Azadi Tower, one of the famous monuments of Tehran, the capital city of Iran

We spent a day in Tehran and from there, we moved on the the next city, Isfahan which takes almost 6 hours by bus.

2018 Iran Isfahan 02
#4: Naqsh-e Jahan Square, one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites - this is my favourite  

2018 Iran Isfahan 03 Bastani Restaurant
#5: Bastani Traditional Restaurant, Isfahan's most atmospheric restaurant 

From Isfahan, we travelled to Kashan before proceed back to Tehran again. Kashan is well-known for its abundance of beautiful and mesmerising historical houses.

2018 Iran Kashan 01
#6: One of the historical houses in Kashan.

#7: Shot by the Instagram boyfriend in Abyaneh Village 

#8: The food we had in Iran. Honestly to say, I found it's quite difficult to find restaurants around Iran. There are indeed many kebab shops around but do you really want to have it all the times? 

All in nutshells, Iran is indeed an eye-opening trip for me. It's completely unlike those previous countries I've been before such as Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and etc. For example, when I was in the metro train, all the local can't help themselves but keep staring on me - making me felt like I was an alien or something else. Another difficulties we're facing are unable to read their car plate number and food menu cause almost all in Persian languages. Despite the language barriers, somehow I found Iranians are quite helpful and friendly. Some of them are even so handsome and pretty too - with big eyes and long eyelashes features. I'm jealous! 

2018 Iran Car Plate Number
#9: Anyone know how to read this car plate number?

Our trip were indeed short and brief and we miss out few places and cities such as Shiraz and Yanz but I always believe, there will always be another second chance for another visit in future.

Oh yeah! In case you are wondering, all the ladies, including tourists and foreigners have been required by the law to cover their hair. Although hair ought to be covered, but it's not necessary to cover your hair tightly and you are allow to let some parts out of the scarf as well. Another thing I noticed about most of the Iranian ladies are they are very fashionable and stylish with wearing high boots, skinny jeans and trench coat. What a surprised cause I wore like orang kampung when I was in Iran. Kanasai! 


  1. Before this, I also heard that AirAsia X decided permanently cease the route to Iran.

    Naqsh-e Jahan Square seems so big, neat and beautiful!

    Look like need to learn some simple Arabic words before go to Iran..haha

    1. Too bad for them to cease the route to Iran cause there many beautiful and amazing places I don't have the time to visit. I learned few Persian words from one of the hostel I stayed, especially in terms of digit.

  2. It's only april and you have been on 3-4 trips? wow. ...that is wonderful Yes, travel when young

  3. I give you a Gold Medal for traveling to over 40 countries now! Wow!
    I am impressed with your photos of Iran. It is also in my bucket lists.
    I always cart along many cup noodles, white coffee sachets and chilly sauce during my trips as I often encountered food problems too.

    1. If going to country like Thailand, Taiwan, HK, Macau, Japan & South Korea, no need bring any food but for the rest, cup noodles especially must bring at least.

  4. What is the dessert at the bottom right of the food collage photo?

    1. Kashan Traditional Ice-cream with three different flavours - chocolate for the middle but we unable to identify the flavours for the yellow and white. Hahahaha.

  5. hahahaha got org kampung meh? XD quite nice place. too bad I missed it.

  6. nice trip in Iran! I wonder if I ever have a chance to go there...


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