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Melbourne, Australia Day 2: Eureka Skydeck 88

Date of Visit: 1st October 2012

From the oldest stream train in Australia, Puffing Billy, my next destination was Eureka Skydeck 88, the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere. But somehow, I stuck in Belgrave Station for almost an hour before reach back to the city town due to my clumsiness and it was indeed waste a time.

After an hour of waiting and an hour train ride from Belgrave Station, finally back to the Flinders Street Station and from there, I walked to Eureka Tower without the help of any maps. All I did was keep looking and heading through to this highest tower instead. The walking distance from Flinders Street Station to Eureka Tower was not really that long, roughly around 10 minutes. As the tower itself is located adjacent to the beautiful Yarra River, I didn't even feel boring at all but turned out, I was pretty enjoying myself eventhough I was walking alone along this river. Some were enjoying their cup of coffee at the cafe nearby the river, cycling, jogging, walking with their cute and adorable dogs, and more. 

#1: I don't mind walking everyday with this kind of view. Will you?

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 01
#2: Tadaa... Finally, I reached Eureka Skydeck 88 after almost 10 minutes walk

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 01-2

#3: Skydeck Admission Fare. The good thing was FREE for me. I didn't pay any single cents. Why?
I will explain later. 

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 01-1
#4: Southern Hemispheres Fastest Lift - It takes just 38 seconds from the ground Floor to 88th Floor.

Initially, Eureka Tower was the world's tallest residential tower, until surpassed by two tall buildings in Dubai. Currently, it is the 14th tallest residential building in the world and listed as the 98th tallest building in the world. Too excited with the awe inspiring view of Melbourne until I totally forgot to take the photos of the inside of Skydeck itself. What I remembered was there is a kiosk offers takeaway coffees, soft drinks and snacks.

(Note: For few of the photo below, I used miniature effects and this makes them looks like miniature scale models.)

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 03
#5: Flinders Train Station

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 04

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 05
#7: Olympic Parks Stadium

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 06
#8: The white colour building is Government House, the office and official residence of the Governor of Victoria

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 02
#9: While waiting for the sunset, I took the opportunity to write postcards and post them from Australia's highest post box.

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 07
#10: The mesmerizing sunset view from Eureka Skydeck 88

The best time to visit Eureka Skydeck 88 would be before the sunset take place and spend some time roaming around the Skydeck to wait for the sunset as well the magnificent Melbourne skyline nightscape. There is no time restriction for the visitors, so don't even bother to see the time. Just enjoy the awe inspiring view of Melbourne!

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 08
#11: Pressed Pennies - My latest travel collections and I collect quite numbers from United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Taiwan.

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 09
#12: This is how actually Eureka Tower looks like

The souvenir shop is located in the ground floor, same floor as the ticket purchasing counter. It has a wide range of exclusive Eureka Skydeck merchandise as well as a selection of Melbourne and Australian souvenirs to choose from and I really had some hard time to decide which will be the best to bring back home as memento. Right after done browsing the souvenirs, immediately met my friend who was waiting for me outside patiently for dinner.

Day 2 Melbourne, Australia - Eureka Skydeck 10
#13: Another night for Asian meals again - fried dumpling, curry pork rice and fried rice.

The reason why I got to visit Eureka Skydeck 88 for free was because I bought two full one day tour packages from a local tour operator which recommended by my friend, in return I was given a free admission ticket to Melbourne Aquarium, Eureka Skydeck and option between Old Melbourne Gaol or Polly Woodside. Wasn't a great bargain, right?

Opening Hours
Open daily from 10am until 10pm (Last entry is 9:30pm) except for New Year Eve and Christmas Day, it close at 5:30pm (Last entry is 5pm). 


  1. Cantik pemandangan dari atas skydeck tu.. hope will be in australia end of this year to :D
    By the way did i also get the postcard ? hahahaa.. just jocking :P

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  3. at first, i thought that you know someone from there and therefore you got to enter for free...btw very nice miniature shots from the top!

  4. nope I dont mind at al. such lovely view and cooling weather

  5. I noticed they didn't have student price. Seems like I can't utilize my trusty student card then.

    By the way, nice miniature mode.

  6. First time heard about Pressed Pennies and hope can buy some in future.

  7. Wow... so lucky getting to the tower free.... huhuuh~!~ miniature effect in Sony Nex 5? nice

  8. Hi! May I know what camera do you use to take your pictures? :)


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