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Phi Phi Island Day Trip

Date of Visit: 7th January 2012

Like they said, if you didn't visited any islands of Phuket, means you never been to Phuket before. Phuket is renowned for its island studded bay of haunting natural beauty. Whether you travel to Phuket or even Krabi, the ultimate reason to touchdown in either Phuket or Krabi or even both is to visit the surrounding spectacular islands. And among of them, the most popular hopping island tours which mostly offered especially for the first time visit would be Phi Phi Island and Phang-Nga. I really wish to cover both but because of time constraint and also due to some of my friends are limited in their budget, hence we chosen the Phi Phi Island Tour.

Just when we decided for Phi Phi Island Tour, we were so surprised that actually this hopping island tour came with many different kind of packages. And of course, the price would be vary as well. We almost got chocked when we saw the pricelist printed on the brochures given by our guesthouse. Thank goodness, we got a very good deal with just 1,100 baht for a day trip to Phi Phi Island including lunch buffet. 

As usual, the package we bought included shuttle transfer and we ready for the pick-up at 7am. Once we arrived the pier, briefing on safety especially were given by a guide which he claimed himself as a "ladyboy". Besides briefing, he suggested to buy breads which are not just for feeding the fishes and the monkeys, but also to feed ourself when hungry. What a funny tour guide!

As for this hopping island tour, there are 7 pit stops:

Viking Cave
Phi Phi Island - Viking Cave 01
#1: Our first pit stop - Viking Cave

The name of Viking Cave is given due to the painted on the walls are ancient colour paintings resembling Viking boats. According to the tour guide, Viking Cave is filled with bird's nest. For some unknown reason, we were not allowed to enter this cave and most of the boats were allowed to stop nearby for photo opportunity only.

Phi Phi Island 01
#2: Absolutely stunning view around Viking Cave

Phileh Lagoon
Phi Phi Island - Phileh Lagoon 01
#3: Phileh Lagoon with huge limestone rocks as background

Phi Phi Island - Phileh Lagoon 02
#4: Enjoy Phileh Lagoon view

Maya Beach
Phi Phi Island - Maya Bay 01
#5: Clear blue waters with hills and blue sky as backdrop in Maya Beach

Maya Beach is known to be one of the world's most beautiful beaches and best place to relax in with silky soft white sand, underwater colourful coral and exotic fish exceptionally crystal-clear water. In addition to all, this beach got the world-wide attention when one of Hollywood movie, "The Beach" which starred by Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here back in 1999. Doesn't know who is Leonardo DiCaprio? He is the young boy famous for the movie "Titanic".

Phi Phi Island - Maya Bay 02
#6: Long boats at the port of Maya Beach

Phi Phi Island - Maya Bay 03
#7: This is what happens when it became a famous spot - Overcrowded and too comercialised

We were given a very short period in this beach. Kinda disappointed with that cause didn't get to spend much time here. But among all of the stops, Maya Beach is my favourite as it makes me felt like I was in paradise - especially stepping on the silky soft white sands and surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs and stunning sunlit crystal water, only if this place is not overcrowded with tourists I could wish.

Monkey Beach
Phi Phi Island - Monkey Beach
#8: Photo opportunity with the monkeys

No doubt that the name of this beach were so called as you can see clearly that the monkeys were everywhere. These monkeys were not shy and scare of human, hence beware of not getting too close with them as one of my friend's hair being pulled from behind by one of big and fierce monkey.

Phi Phi Don Island
Phi Phi Island - Phi Phi Don Island 01
#9: Stop at Phi Phi Don Island

Before move on to the next stop, it's time for lunch buffet at the Phi Phi Don Island. You can request for vegetarian food if you are and for those who is Muslim, don't worry cause all the foods are halal.

Phi Phi Island - Phi Phi Don Island 02
#10: The lunch buffet comes with rice, spaghetti, meats, seafoods, vegetables, fresh fruits and even soups. 

After the lunch, we were given longer period break to enjoy the beach here. Although it's not as stunning and beauty than Maya Beach, but we saw many of the tourists were doing sunbathing. It's time for eye-washing. There are even souvenir store located here but of course, it's tends to be more expensive.

Phi Phi Island - Phi Phi Don Island 03

Loh Samah Bay
Phi Phi Island - Snorkelling @ Sam Had
#12: Snorkelling time

The boat stopped at Loh Samah Bay for some snorkelling time. It's been a while that I didn't snorkeling in the deep water after my Lang Tengah Island trip with my college friends. Most of the time when I went island hopping in Kota Kinabalu, I just snorkelling somewhere nearby the island. The life jacket and snorkelling gear is free of charge and if wanna attract more fishes, please do bring some breads, like what the "ladyboy" guide said before. We didn't brought nor neither bought the breads, but one of the guides given us the breads for free.

Phi Phi Island - Snorkelling @ Sam Had 02
#13: More and more fished surrounding us

Khai Island
Phi Phi Island - Khai Island 01
# 14: Quiet and peaceful little island

This island seems to be less comercialised and crowded compared to the others. Or probrably because we arrived quite late. Nothing to shout about this island but we had a great and sweet time to swim around and quenched our thirst with sweet and fresh coconut juice before going back to the pier.

Phi Phi Island - Khai Island 02
#15: The sunnies, the benches, the sea

Well, if more time were given, I wish to go back to Maya Beach again but what can I ask for more when my friends and I had experienced another kind of amazing and stunning island hopping in our life. 


  1. I've been there last year! and planning to go there again in the future! Great pics!

  2. i love beaches and snorklingggggggg! bestnyer...

  3. so beautiful! waiting for my turn to visit.

  4. It's so nice to have good friends travelling with u to so many places. I wanna be single again! Hahaha!

  5. The feeling of surrounding by fishes must be very excited, too bad I'm really scare of water sport so snorkeling is impossible for me, T_T

  6. i went here last year.. its really nice place to go..

  7. I am not able to go to Khai island due to bad weather. In fact, when we were snorkelled, the rain started to fall.

    p/s: ur pictures are beautiful as well~ :)

  8. photo no.5 is sooooooo beautifullllllll
    and the monkeys are not fierce...if you come over to Penang..those monkeys will attack u if u come too near

  9. Great blog; Info available going to help us. Thanks :)

  10. I think your trip was really interested and you have enjoyed there a lot.

  11. I am not able to go to Khai island due to bad weather. In fact, if we were snorkelled, the rain started to fall.

    p/s: ur pictures are admirable as well~ :)Trips Phuket Thailand | Phuket Day Tours

  12. Thank you so much for posting these for global use!
    You are making the world a better place!

    Plongee Phuket | Scuba Diving Thailand

  13. Nice to read this post..Thank you for sharing this useful info..
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