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Phuket Simon Cabaret, The Ladyboy Show

Phuket Day 1 (Part I) - Loveli Boutique Hotel 
Phuket Day 1 (Part II) - Cashew Nut Factory, Wat Chalong, Karon View Point & Promthep Cape

Date of Visit: 05th January 2012

After my friends and I back from our half day tour wander around Phuket - click HERE, we went back to the guesthouse for few minutes break before going for our next activity which was the Simon Cabaret, the lady boy entertainment show.

Simon Cabaret 02
 #1: The entrance

Simon Cabaret is only available in the evening, with three showtime; 6.00 pm, 7.45 pm and 9.30 pm and it is recommended to book in advance cause it is quite popular especially among the Caucasian tourists and might be fully booked. We bought this Simon Cabaret tickets through our guesthouse which costs 700baht per person and it's included hotel transfer too.

Phuket 07

Simon Cabaret 03

As we reached here quite early, we were entertained by a group of glamorous performers that wear stylish, elegant and some even extravaganza costumes before the show start. This group of performers even persuaded all the audiences, including us to take photo together but beware that, it was not free of charge. Luckily I was so smart enough as I wait for the audience to take photos with these performers and see whether they request for any tips or not and yes, indeed they did requested. Make sure you ask for the price before taking any photo with them. The minimum amount they requested was 40 baht for each performer.

They still allowed the audiences to take photos in general without any charge and here are some shots that I managed to take:
Simon Cabaret 04
#4: Oh my! They don't even looked like man. 

Simon Cabaret 05
#5: Their stylish and bling-bling costumes 

Simon Cabaret 06
#6: Try to persuade the audiences to take photos with them

Simon Cabaret 07

Simon Cabaret 08

Simon Cabaret 09

Simon Cabaret 10
Finally we decided to take photo with her, I means him. Each of us need to pay him 40 baht for taking photo with him but we were allowed to take as how many shots as we want.

Simon Cabaret 11
The seats are divided into two; VIP seats and regular seats. For the price of 700 baht which we paid for, it's for regular seats which will be a bit far behind. But we still managed to enjoy the show despite the location of our seats. For the VIP seats, the fare will be 800 baht for adult and 600 baht for children. All the audiences were given free one bottle of mineral water.

All type of cameras and even including those handphone which have camera and video are strictly prohibited from recording and taking any photos during the shows. The staffs were indeed taking serious action on this as I saw one of the audience's video camere was being confiscated immediately. However, I managed to find a video from YouTube for Simon Cabaret's trailer.

Overall, I was entertained with this 1.5 hours show and mesmerized especially with the detailed and amazing decorated backdrop settings and stage displays. All the performers wore glittering and great costumes throughout the show and it's still hard for me to believe that it was actually all of these performance were performed by males. Not just they sang in different kind of languages, but they do dance different country traditional dances too such as Bollywood dance, Korean dance and lots more.

I will recommend this if only you haven't watch any kind of this show in elsewhere, or else you might feel boring and not worth. Because this is my first time ever to watch this kind of lady show, what I can said was, "It's simply took my breath away." It's one of a kind home of entertainment in Phuket to everyone, including the children too.

NOTE: This is auto-publish post cause I am currently having another vacation again!

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  1. I have been to Thailand numerous time and yet I didnot watch any of the cabaret. after reading your post, mebbe i shud in the next trip? ehhehehhe...

  2. Great review, thanks! I think this show is one of a kind...

  3. I was there three years ago. Decent show and it is near Patong beach.


  4. I watched show like this too at Phuket :)

  5. wow...i haven't seen this kind of show even when i was in bkk at that time..haha

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