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Phuket Fantasea, The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park

Date of Visit: 6th January 2012

Talking about nightlife in Phuket, it offers more than what you can ever think. You don't have to worry that you might get bored when the day turns to night cause there are plenty of things you can do and see. You can either watch Simon Cabaret, the lady boy entertainment show (click HERE), Muay Thai Boxing or even party all night long in the hot spots such as Soi Bangla. Since the first night we had watched the Simon Cabaret, therefore on the second night we opted for Phuket Fantasea, which claimed to be the biggest show in the island.   

We booked the package from our guesthouse which cost 1,550 baht for both of the show and also the buffet dinner. The buffet dinner is optional but my friends and I thought that why don't we give a try, since it is kinda cheap and plus, we won't need to think what should we had for that night.

The package included shuttle transfer from our guesthouse to Phuket Fantasea. It's located in Kamala beach and the journey seems to be quite long, roughly an hour ride. Upon reaching, we went to the counter tickets to redeem our tickets using the voucher given by the guesthouse.

Phuket Fantasea 03
#1: Welcoming all the guests with smile

Phuket Fantasea 01
#2: Another photo of "I was here"

Phuket Fantasea 02
#3: Vibrant and colourful "Welcome" sign

Phuket Fantasea 07
#4: Palace of the Elephants - the theater show

Phuket Fantasea 08
 #5: Picture of us in front of the Palace of the Elephants

Just like Simon Cabaret show, all type of cameras and even including those handphone which have camera and video are strictly prohibited from entering the theater. They were quite strict with that and you have to deposit them in the counter and collect after the show done. No worries, cause they will calculate exactly how many camera, recording devices and gadgets before you pass to them.

Exactly at 9pm, the "Fantasy of Kingdom" kicks off in grand and huge stage. Well, to be exact, my friends and I didn't even understand what was the storyline about. Kinda confusing for us but we were thrilled and entertained with so many animals featured on the dazzling stage especially starring a row of huge elephants, trapeze artists where they swing high up in the sky wearing glow-in-the-dark costumes, and even blast with fireworks at the end of the show. One thing that amaze me during the show was the part where the chicken running in line on the stage without getting lost. How did they managed to do so?

Once the show ended, we then proceeded to the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant for the buffet dinner.  No worry of the seats unavailable as this dining hall can accommodate up to 4,000 diners at a time. Although, there were two long buffet counters served wide spread of a mix of Thai, western and international foods but these can't overcome the long and slow queue. Overall, the foods were so-so only but at least we managed to fill up our hungry tummy due to the late dinner.

Phuket Fantasea 06
#6: The foods and the hall of Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restauran

Besides the show and buffet dinner, Phuket Fantasea is one great place for phototaking. All the shops and grand buildings inside Phuket Fantasea such as souvenirs shop, arcade, jewellery were beautifully built and decorated. Most of them were heavily influenced by Thai culture and architecture making them look so majestic and impressive.

Phuket Fantasea 04
#7: Photo with Thai golden boat

Phuket Fantasea 05
#8: Some of the amazing and colourful shops and grand buildings

If you are going to Phuket, you should visit this mesmering Phuket Fantasea at least once as it is can be consider a pretty good attraction spot and offer tons of attractions especially for the kids.

[Credit To: Phuket 101,, Jamie's Phuket Blog]


  1. makes me wanna go there too. Actually should go there first before any other place as it's nearest to Msia

  2. yea, i heard from my friend who went there last year that the rules are quite strict and you are not allowed to carry in any recording devices...

    i guess Fantasea should be in one's itinerary if one ever to go to the island...

  3. owh the theater is using real elephants! i tot it just human with mask :D

  4. ooo that is very nice..
    I have not visit Phuket before..

  5. The pkg price is really reasonable incl shuttle service. Stunning place indeed! Just back from reviewing couple of hotels in Penang & my 1st post is out! See u there :)

  6. The appearance of the live animals in the show definitely one of the highlight and that really make me "WOW"!

  7. well, haven been to Phuket before~ but definitely will visits there one day~

  8. phuket theme park!! that rawks! Never heard of that b4..i missed out so many post

  9. Phuket Fantasea Show, I want to go there to see this show once.


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