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Phuket Weekend Nightmarket

Date of Visit: 7th January 2012

We never know about this night market in Phuket until we were being told by our driver and also the guesthouse's coordinator. Guess we were lucky cause this night market only happen on every weekend. You will know how much I love to visit this especially when comes to night market.

This weekend market is runs on every Saturday and Sunday and is start from 4:00pm until 10:00pm. We hired the taxi driver through our guesthouse and he charged approximately 800 baht for both return trip to and from nightmarket. The taxi driver gave us 2 and half hour to wander around the night market.

There are literally hundreds of stalls and each selling their own unique style of wares; from foods to clothings, accessories, souvenirs and more.

Phuket Night Market 01
#1: Our saliva drooled when we saw this - Mango Sticky Rice and instantly bought this

Phuket Night Market 02
#2: Another sort of Thai famous desssert 
Phuket Night Market 03
#3: The first few stalls we came across were mostly on foods. How can you resist on these huge grilled squids?

Sometimes the reason behind I love to visit the night market was because I could find something unique and yet cheaper than what being offered in the shopping malls - especially on clothings and fashion accessories.

Phuket Night Market 04
#4: Clothing sections

Majority of stalls here are selling more towards on women's goods - clothings, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewellery. But for the guys, fear not, cause there are still plenty of men's clothing shops available here. I managed to find and bought a cool and beautiful design T-shirt that cost for 200 baht only.

Phuket Night Market 05
#5: I Phuket T-shirt anyone?

Phuket Night Market 06
#6: Ladies shoes for just 100 baht. Absolutely great bargain and look how cute were these shoes?

Phuket Night Market 07
#7: T-shirt for the little one

Phuket Night Market 08
#8: Looking for souvenirs such as fridge magnets, keychains and local made items, here is the right place.

Phuket Night Market 09
#9: Stumbled upon another food sections. Gosh! Looks at the seductive wide selection of cakes and sushi.

Phuket Night Market 10
#10: These fruits juice is so refreshing and rejuvenating and they cost 20 baht only per bottle.

Phuket Night Market 11
#11: Another foods temptation. Sinful but they are absolutely tasty

Although this market is not as huge and large as Bangkok's famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, but for me, it is still can consider pretty large because eventhough we were given 2 and half hours, we still unable to cover at least all. Generally speaking, the floor is mostly cemented over so you won’t get muddy underfoot like at other local markets.

Phuket Haul 01
#12: Haul from night market and photo frame from Phi Phi Island trip

Except for the pink dress and my Boyfie's white T-shirt on the right side cost 200 baht each, the rest cost 100 baht each and for the hair clip cost roughly around 20-50 baht.

[Credit To: Into Phuket,]


  1. oh my! I would LOVE to visit this night market.

    drooling at the cute T-shirt for the little one.

    so many things to see and shop. Price have to bargain?

  2. Looking at all the food makes me feel so hungry all of a sudden. And the t-shirts are so much is the kids t-shirt?

  3. ARGH!!! My favourite mango sticky rice! How I miss thee.

  4. Gosh, I love night market!! Too bad the one in Penang is rather boring :<

  5. I loved the night market in Phuket. Lots of cheap good buys actually!

  6. Look at the fat cute squid, I can't resist!
    PS: I have same dress with you, the one with lacey detail on shoulder :P

  7. It's always a good experience to visit another country's night market! :D The squids looks so yummy!

  8. Çok güzel. Dünyada cenneti aramaya gerek. cennet Phuket.

  9. Gosh, I adulation night market!! Too bad the one in Penang is rather arid :<
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