Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jungceylon, Phuket's Shopping Destination

One of the main reason why we choose to stay in Loveli Boutique Guesthouse was because it located few steps away from Jungceylon, the largest shopping center tucked in the heart of Patong houses more than 200 lifestyle and leisure shops. We went here like almost everyday not for shopping purpose, but sometimes to hunt for foods and also a place for some free air-condition moment.

Phuket Day 2 - Jungceylon 01
#1: It even house of two Thai own department store and supermarket chain, Robinson and Big C.

Phuket Day 2 - Jungceylon 02
#2: Not just for shopping, Jungceylon is also an ideal place for dining enthusiasts. 

In this Sino Phuket Zone, we saw that there are so many kind of restaurants, bars and coffee shops serving Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, western cuisines and more. Seriously, no worry of being hungry at all.  We went to hunt for our breakfast once we arrived Phuket on the first day before waiting for check-in into our guesthouse, and we ended up in everybody's favourite famous fast food chain, McDonald. 

Phuket Day 2 - Jungceylon 07
#3: Pork Samurai Burger and Pineapple Pie which totally can't found in Malaysia. #onlyinthai

Phuket Day 2 - Jungceylon 08
#4: Not forgetting to take photo with Ronald McD wherever you visit Thailand and do the welcoming sign. #onlyinthai

Phuket Day 2 - Jungceylon 09 
#5: My first try on Swensen ice-cream

I always wanna try this Swensen when I stumbled across those bloggers who went Thailand and tried this before. Like I did said before in my previous post, ice-cream is my all time favourite ice-cream. Well, from my opinion, Swensen seems to be too sweet but the taste can still acceptable. Imagine my friends and I had ice-cream twice in a day; previous one was while we're walking to Patong Beach (click here). Obviously thanks to the hot scorching weather for making us keep craving for something cold to cool down our body.  

Phuket Day 2 - Jungceylon 03
#6:Jungceylon huge pirate ship build in the center of the mall

Phuket Day 2 - Jungceylon 04
#7: Cute and colourful elephant statues

I'm not sure what were these statues represents for or maybe serve for somekind of occasions or events, but we found all of these elephants caught our attention instantly. Without waiting any longer, it's time for non-stop photoshooting moments with these all adorable and colour elephant statues. If you happen to read my blog earlier, you will find out that I love to take photos with colourful statues such as

Phuket Day 2 - Jungceylon 05
#8: Group photo with my best buddies together with Thai elephant statues

Phuket Day 2 - Jungceylon 06
#9: This is my favourite one - I Phuket

Phuket Day 2 - Phuket Street 02
#10: Even AirAsia took chance to advertise themselves in Phuket-style tuk tuk

Some of the spots we saw nearby our guesthouse:
Phuket Day 2 - Phuket Street 03
#11: Anyone interest with Bangla Thai Boxing?

Phuket Day 2 - Phuket Street 04
#13: Different kind of creative T-shirt design

Phuket Day 2 - Phuket Street 05
#14: Thai so-called petrol station

#15: Last but not least, their crazy and complicated cable


  1. shopping seems to be a part of your travelling itinerary...

  2. the elephant statues are cute! nice pics diana :D

  3. argh...drooling at thePork Samurai Burger

  4. I havent reach here, jungceylon. Would go there if one day i go to phuket again..

  5. Seem like posing with the "Sawadeeka" Ronald is a must when we are at Thailand :P

  6. awesome!! did u eat pad thai? hehehe. i wanna go here someday! ^^

  7. very colorful posting for this phuket trip..and i never knew that those Samurai pork burger is always on thai mcd's menu

  8. The cables are driving me crazy @_@

  9. Very Nice Images of phuket trip,Enjoy your Trip.

  10. Hi, i would like to ask regards to your image #13: Different kind of creative T-shirt design. Where can i find this shop?

    1. Hihi. This shop you find somewhere opposite of Bangla Thai Boxing.

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