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Last Day in South Korea & See You Someday!

Finally, my South Korea travelogue comes to its end. I guess everyone has the same feelings as mine when the vacation comes to the end, it's hard to accept that cause we have to go back to the reality. Until now, while blogging about this South Korea travelogue, I am freaking miss South Korean so much and plan to re-visit there again. But wondering when will I have this chance? Waiting for the cheap airfare if possible!

Well, on the final day in South Korea, we had to take flight back to Seoul from Jeju Island in order to catch our flight back to Malaysia at night.

Last Day in South Korea - Breakfast
Yummy breakfast that I bought from Family Mart - Corn Mayo Sandwich and Starbucks Chocolate Mocha. 

We took the earliest flight at 8.45am so that we could spend few hours in Seoul for our last minute shopping and also to have final gathering with our Korean friend, Kyung Hee before bidding goodbye to South Korea.

Last Day in South Korea 01 - Eastar Jet 01
For the flight back to Seoul from Jeju Island, I had booked Eastar Jet that cost 40,100 won per person (approx. RM115). Wanna book air ticket return ticket from Jeju Island to Seoul by yourself, you can do so and here is my sharing on the list of airlines flying in and out between Seoul and Jeju Island (click here).

Last Day in South Korea 02 - Eastar Jet 02
With RM115, I got to get my favourite seat - the window seat and we were given a refreshment drink for an hour flight. Eastar Jet's cabin is so colourful with the blue sky poster on the top which looks so real.

Last Day in South Korea 03 - Insadong Street 01
Once we reached upon Gimpo International Airport, we planned to go N Seoul Tower for final visit but unfortunately when we arrived there, we found a bit confusing regarding the direction to there. Therefore, we changed our destination to Insadong Street cause two of my friend guys would like to buy handbags for their mother and sisters. Oh! Don't you think both of them so lovely?

Last Day in South Korea 03 - Insadong Street
I missed out this Ssamziegel building during my maiden visit which tucked in the middle of Insadong Street. Ssamziegel is a four-storey complex clustered with boutiques, art shops and restaurants. At here, I noticed that almost the whole building is filled with unique sculptures, murals and creative arts.

Last Day in South Korea 05 - MyeongDong Street

Our final pitstop will be non other than MyeongDong to have our final shopping. The other reason we went back were also to take our huge and heavy luggage bags which we left inside the guest house that we stayed previously in Seoul - Namsan Guest House.

Last Day in South Korea 06 - Cold Stone Creamery
After bought lots of accessories which are so dirt cheap, killed my time by having sweet time with ice-cream in Cold Stone Creamery while the rest of my friends keep shopping and shopping for the remaining few hours left.

Last Day in South Korea 07 - Budae Jjigae
Before officially saying goodbye to South Korea, we met up with Kyung Hee and she brought us to this local restaurant that serve this awesomely delicious Budae Jjigae. It is a thick soup that mixed with modern ingredients such as instant ramen noodles, sliced sausages, canned ham, spam, sliced of American cheese, garlic, onion, kimchi together with traditional spicy soup flavoured with red chilli paste.

Last Day in South Korea 08 - Cooking Budae Jjigae
It my first time having this and for your information, I'm not really into Korean foods but this one is really taste good! It's ramen and it's spicy. It also mixed with most of my favourite ingredients. That's why I love this meal so much but I spotted this meal in KK lately, it is so damn expensive. Kyung Hee brought us to two local restaurants and all the foods she introduced are simply delicious. The first meal she introduced was Seoung Kee was taste so good too - click here for more.

Last Day in South Korea 09 - Photo Group with The Gals
The ladies!

Last Day in South Korea 10 - Photo Group
4 years ago, we met Kyung Hee (middle one) for first time during our Europe trip and travelled around Europe together for 20 days and 3 years later, we met in South Korea. Recently, I received a good news from my friend told me that Kyung Hee is pregnant. Might going to South Korea again to visit her and also to see her baby soon.

Last Day in South Korea 11 - Check In At Airport
After spending 8 days in South Korea, my friends and I didn't feel wanna go back home but like I said before, we have to face the reality. Goodbye South Korea and I pray hardly that I will see you soon! One thing that I proud of myself was I brought only 1 luggage bag to South Korea, and also only 1 luggage bag back to Malaysia. Wanna see my travel haul from there? Stay tune for the upcoming post.

So, that's the end of my travel adventures and experiences across Seoul and Jeju Island for 8 days together with my perfect travelmates. I really having a great time with them. Hopefully we could travel together again next year, my friend!

NOTE: Another scheduled post I prepared earlier cause I on vacation for a week.


  1. Woi, lain kali bawa saya la.. :p.. he he he.. It's good to know, that all of you havin a good time there.. Plus, you know how to budget well on travelling.. :p..

  2. Bestnya!!!... Trus rindu Japun.. hope can visit Korea la one day!..

  3. That's a lot of food. Good pictures.


  4. you looks so happy & satisfy on this trip..

  5. I've not tried Budae Jjigae. Reminds me of eating instant noodels in HK :)

  6. I enjoyed reading all your travel posts. Also, nice photo shots.

  7. May I know where is the Budae Jjigae restaurant that you mention in your post :) It looks tempting!

  8. May I know where you eat the Budae Jjigae? Located at where? the name of restaurant called what? Please let me know. Thanks

  9. Hi Diana, i'm very lucky to find your blog. could you share your itinerary to my email address teopilus@gmail.com? thanks a lot.


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