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Haeundae Beach & Market of Busan, South Korea

Date Visited: 20th March 2014

From Seoul to Busan, it took two and half hours travelled via Korean Train eXpress (KTX) and the ride was exceptionally pleasant and comfortable. I just love bullet train like the one in Japan, Taiwan and Shanghai! Once we arrived Busan, the first thing we did is to check-in into the hotel I booked beforehand. From what I research, the most recommended areas are nearby Busan station and Haeundae Beach area. But do bear in mind as the journey times between these two areas takes over an hour by Busan subway. Hence, plan wisely to avoid wasting the travelling times. 

I chosen to stay nearby Hauendae Beach area mainly for one reason, for its pristine and notable sandy beach. There are ample of motels and guest houses can be found throughout Hauendae area and the one I picked, it was literally a love motel to be precise (will blog this in the upcoming post). 

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 01 Haeundae Area
#1: Buildings in Haeundae district

The first thing we did is none other than going to the sandy beach itself. It was short walking distance away from our love motel but it was so windy and breezy as it almost towards the end of winter. 

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 02 Haeundae Beach
#2: The clean sandy beach of Haeundae

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 03 Haeundae Beach
#2: Marine City, the high-raised apartments and buildings built nearby the city 

Unfortunately it wasn't summer yet, or else the entire beach will line up with the common red and white parasols and deck chairs and plenty of exciting and interesting water activities be held here. Haeundae Beach is more popular in late July and early August when the weather is approaching scorching hot. 

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 04 Haeundae
#3: City tour bus

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 05 Haeundae
#4: Busan Aquarium in front of the beach

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 06
#5: My signature pose 

There wasn't anything much can be done in the beach due to the unpermitted weather except taking few photos and right after that, we left as we saw there was a market nearby. 

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 06 Haeundae Market
#6: Haeundae Market 

Not far away from the beach, we spotted Haeundae Market. Although it isn't that popular and well-known like Jagalchi Fish Market, the whole market seems to be interesting and fascinating and I can see that my mom and my sister were pretty enjoyed this visit. My mom found a store selling cheap clothes whereas my sister found a food stall selling her favourite rice cake. 

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 07 Haeundae Market
#7: Spicy red rice cake - My sister's favourite Korean food

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 08 Haeundae Market
#8: For me, I love Korean spicy chickens 

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 09 Haeundae Market
#9: The marketplace where is not crowded

For the final photo, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 10 Haeundae Market
#10: The popular food in Haeundae is sea eel but somehow looking at this photo, it's kinda gross

How To Get To Haeundae Beach & Market
Align at Haeundae Station on Line 2. It takes more an hour from Busan Subway Station. 


  1. Oh Great! I like the insights of this Busan post. My own Korean room mate in US currently lives in the posh condo along the Hauendae Beach. I am looking forward to visit him someday.

  2. Love the red colour brick building in the first photo. Nice!

    I love Korea, been there in 2002

  3. Gorgeous photo collection, dear! Everything's so pretty! xoxo

  4. Eat with eyes closed la. Kihkihkihkih

  5. So did you try the raw octopus? ^__^

  6. wahhhh the marine city..really crowded!!


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