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Imagination Run Wild in Jeju Love Land

Date of Visited: 14th September 2011

HUGE WARNING: Before you continue to view all the photos, please make sure that you are reading this post at the right place. And make sure your boss is not behind you!

Frankly speaking, besides Teddy Bear Museum, this attraction is also one of the places that I desperately wanna go no matter how. Not just me, but even my two guy friends felt the same things too. Luckily, our taxi driver which we hired him for a day agreed to bring us there.

Jeju Love Land is a one-in-a-kind outdoor sculpture park that mainly focus on a sex theme. Because it is an erotic sculpture park that features 140 work of arts representing humans in various sexual positions, this park is only restricted for adult from 18 years old and above to enter into this park. But don't worry if you are bringing your kids along, there is a recreation and play area provided for the little one.

Jeju Love Land 01
#1: Jeju Love Land is located just 10 minutes from Jeju International Airport and the admission fee is 9,000 won.

Jeju Love Land 02
#2: Love this heart-shaped background. But this place is not the area of romantic. Wait till you further scroll down the photos below.

Jeju Love Land 03
#3: When we entered the park, we couldn't helped ourselves from non-stop laughing by looking all of these. This place is seriously out of our imagination. See, such a huge penis standing in front of us.

Jeju Love Land 04
#4: The man (left) and the lady (right) sexy butt.

Jeju Love Land 05
#5: We did feel a little bit awkward  at the beginning but slowly, we began to do some silly and crazy stuff. Plus, by the time when we were there, there are not many visitors, roughly less than 10 people. Or else, we definitely won't managed to that.

Jeju Love Land 06
#6: A place where sexually oriented art and eroticism meet.

Jeju Love Land 07
#7: A giant twin hills or tit hills in the middle of the park.

Jeju Love Land 08
#8: Various of erotic sculptures which for sure you don't want to miss any of them.

Jeju Love Land 09
#9: Three beauty and naked musketeers sitting on top of the roof.

Jeju Love Land 20

Jeju Love Land 25

Jeju Love Land 10
#12: Gift shop inside the exhibition hall.

Jeju Love Land 12
#13: A kissing of a lovey-dopey couple - I like this one!

Jeju Love Land 13
#14: Kissing couples and sexual positions from around the world: India, Japan, America, Greece & Africa.

Jeju Love Land 14
#15: Like master, like pet.

Jeju Love Land 15
#16: Can even sitting on the sculpture and kissing with it.

Jeju Love Land 21

Jeju Love Land 22

Jeju Love Land 16
#19: Artistic statue. All the statues are well-maintained. 

Jeju Love Land 17
#20: Even the signboards didn't exclude from the sex-themed.

Jeju Love Land 23

Jeju Love Land 24

Jeju Love Land 18
#23: A pair of statue where their legs upside-down entangled around each other in a lake, as if suggesting the rest of the bodies are snuggling under the waters.

Jeju Love Land 19
#24: Venture around their souvenirs shop before leaving the park.

Among all the five popular tourist spots we went on the second day in Jeju Island, Jeju Love Land is the one and only that we spent longer time than the rest. The four places that we went earlier - Seopjikoji and Seongsan Ilchulbong (click here); Seongeup Folk Village and Yongduam (click here), we spent roughly less than half hour but for this Jeju Love Land itself, we spent almost two hours. 

This one-in-a-kind attraction is not like that you can find in any other Asia country including Japan and it was indeed surprised for us that this place exist in South Korea, where it's believed to have strong tradition reigns. I did spot Sex Museum in Prague, Czech Republic and even we were being offered by our tour guide to watch sex shows in Paris, France and Amsterdam but my friends and I refused and rejected the offers cause we were too young at that particular moment. Plus, all those sex museums and sex shows in Europe are prohibited from taking any photo but unlike Jeju Love Land, you are freely to take as many as you want and even do some crazy and stupid stuffs like my friends and I did.

If you plan to visit Jeju Island by yourself, this place is highly recommended cause if you travel with tour, they won't bring you to this place. Jeju Love Land - a place where the imagination can run wild.

1. Jeju Love Land is one of the attraction that you can visit at night as it is open until midnight. But for me, I don't prefer to visit at night cause I don't have a good camera at that moment that can captured high quality of photo at night. 

[Credit To: Blog.asiahotels.com, Wikipedia]


  1. Hahaha! This is hilarious! Love this post, dear!

  2. Hohoho... The master and the pet omigosh so funny xD What a sexperience! LOL

  3. Oh my! You should have included a warning that this post is rated 18SX, and not just warn us not to read the post when our boss is around, haha!

  4. I loved the pic no.14, it look so reals really kissing a man :-). Korea as always never fails to present their interesting and uniqueness stuff to outsider visitors.

  5. OWH




    this is new to me, for i never surf anything bout jeju before. tx for highlighting it. I MUST GO HERE! hahahaha!

  6. I visited the place during nightime. Hahahaaa the atmosphere is completely different with absolutely brilliant lighting. Hahaaaa so soooo awkward.

    Have u try the bicycle-sex thingy? Bodoh sgt benda tue but creative ;)

  7. HAHAHAHA this place seems awesome...love the dog and man statues..lol

  8. Wakakaa this is sexalarious!

    i'm reading this in my office...phew~luckily no boss around haha.

  9. wow wow wow! and i must say 17 is lagi wow! superb posture for 3some! LOL

  10. Whoa!!! love photo #16.. interesting post.

  11. wow wow #16 !.. lol.. interesting place to visit! I need to go someday!.. haha

  12. kinky giler... i scrolled down as fast as i can ehhehe

  13. wow..this is really something that Malaysia will never ever have!! no.20 hahaha..guy and guy..hahahaha

  14. oh my god, they have these kind of statues in Jeju Island??? wonder what the conservatives will say about it...haha

  15. Wah haha.. I should bring my hubby to go thete

  16. Haha...that;s such a cute warning to start off the post.

    Will hope to visit this place when we hit Korea next year.

  17. Oh my! Can't imagine that this kind of place do exist. Dah la i tengok your blog in the office during lunch time. I scroll as fast as i can. Hahaha.

  18. Oh my gosh... my imagination runs wild after looking at the pictures. Wakakaa.

    But the best picture is the one you kissing. Hahaa. Nice pose. :D

    Happy Friday, DDT!


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