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It's My Haul From South Korea

Done with almost 30 posts of my travel adventures and experiences around Seoul & Jeju Island, South Korea, now it's the time to share out what I brought back from South Korea. I was asked by few blog readers regarding how much I spent when comes to shopping and bought souvenirs for my family and friends. Well, I don't have the exact budget for that, as long as I keen within the amount of money I brought. Except in London and for my Hong Kong trip recently, I never ever swipe my credit cards eventhough I brought them along with me. The only reason why I used credit card in London and Hong Kong was to buy branded bag for my lovely queen of my heart. I didn't even buy any branded bags for myself cause I'm not fancy any of those.

So, check out my haul from the Soul of Asia!

South Korea's Haul 01
#1: My shopping & foods haul that cost me more than RM1,500.

South Korea's Haul 02
#2: Fridge magnets and keychains are always must-buy items when I travel.

South Korea's Haul 03
#3: The two handbags on the left-hand side are for my mom & sister - bought from Insadong Street which cost 10,000 won each whereas the blue one is for myself - bought from Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Station Center.

South Korea's Haul 06
#4: T-shirts for the guys; for daddy, brothers and boyfie. The three Korea theme t-shirts bought from Insadong Street which cost 5,000 won.

South Korea's Haul 04
#5: Snacks and foods - The chocolate on the right side is a must-buy when visit Jeju Island. Taste simply delicious!

South Korea's Haul 05
#6: Seoul is famous for beauty products especially for Laneige brand. Not forgeting, the facial masks too from Innisfree, Tony Moly and Missha where you might get 1,000 won for each piece. All of these beauty products I bought from MyeongDong, where is clustered with countless of fashion beauty and cosmetic outlet.

South Korea's Haul 07
#7: Love printed photo album and 3 passport covers. The cover with white tiger and bear bought from Everland Resort. Cuteness overload.

South Korea's Haul 13
#8: Vibrant and colourful pouch and pencil box bought from Insadong Street.

South Korea's Haul 12
#9: Minibag holders which either can use to put coins or key from Nami Island which cost 6,000 won each. Actually, these can be bought in Singapore which I spotted in Vivo City and it is much cheaper than the one in South Korea.

South Korea's Haul 08
#10: All of these accessories in Seoul are freaking dirt cheap. The price range in between 1,000 won to 3,000 won. Mostly I bought from Insadong Street and MyeongDong.

South Korea's Haul 09
#11: Fridge magnets from Seoul and Jeju Island. If you plan to buy cheap and assorted of fridge magnets like the one written "Magnetic Souvenir", I recommended Namdaemun - mostly cost around 1,000 won to 2,000 won. If you buy a lot, you can bargain with the seller.

South Korea's Haul 10
#12: Keychains are also part of my travel collection.

South Korea's Haul 11
#13: Clockwise from right:
  1. Socks for boyfie (black) and myself (pink) which bought from Family Mart in Jeju Island.
  2. Love printed photo album and small mirror bought from art & gift shop in MyeongDong.
  3. Pouch from Teddy Bear Museum, Jeju Island.
  4. Burberry Weekend Fragrance - This is my most favourite fragrance. I did buy this too from Japan but I found out, it is more cheaper to buy from Seoul Incheon International Airport cause it got 10% discount. 
Overall, I satisfied with all the shopping and foods haul I brought back but one and only thing that I regret the most was I didn't manage to buy the Korea theme t-shirt cause my size was out of stock. Sad to the max!


  1. Wow, quite a lot of stuffs you bought from Korea...

  2. wow!!!! that's really a lotttt! hehehe

  3. ok, i found that whoever went to korea, will DEFINITELY bought that t-shirt. THE SAME DESIGN! HAHAHAHA!

    gosh, u shopped a lot! i love those hair clips and earings! now that i'm wearing hijab, i has stopped looking for these accessories :)

  4. wow .. so many things..
    you are a great shopper..

  5. mostly spent on souvenirs...good good..where are all the clothes you sapu from dongdaemun??

  6. wow wow wow and WOW......you went with an empty luggage ??

    By the way., I justv received your postcard yesterday. Thank you very much . Love it

  7. is Laneige way cheaper in Seoul than in Msia/Singapore? Didn't find any Laneige during my trip to Seoul.

  8. Hi !! May i know how much is the stripes pencil box ?

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  10. Hi there.. I wanna ask how come the flight from Seoul to Jeju Island is so cheap? U bought on the day itself or need to pre-book earlier? Thank you.

    1. I pre-book earlier, like 2-3 months earlier... You can check out the list of airlines I did shared in one of my blogpost http://dianateo-dt.blogspot.com/2012/08/airlines-to-jeju-island-from-seoul.html. =D

  11. great post Diana...semua cantik + kiut...esp all those accessories....

  12. Hi, Diana! Can u share ur itinerary? Plan to visit there in Sept also...


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