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A Traditional Korean Touch at Insadong Street

Date of Visited: 12th September 2011

Insadong Street is our second pitstop once we done with the historical tour around Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is just 1 station ahead. Frankly speaking, South Korea has countless of streets that you shouldn't miss out and 3 of them which I had shared in my previous post before like Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and Namdaemun. Now, let's take a look what's the uniqueness of Insadong Street compare to the others. 

Insadong Street 01
Once we came out from the subway, we saw this two standing tall statues and Insadong Street is located on the left-handed side.

Insadong Street, situated in the middle of Seoul city is well-known among both locals and also foreigners as a traditional street and it represents the culture of the past and the present. It contains a mixture of historical and modern atmosphere and it is a unique area of Seoul that truly represents the cultural and history of this country.

Insadong Street 03
Insadong Street claimed to be an important place where old but precious and traditional goods are on display. Roughly about 400 meters, both sides and branch off in all directions of the street are clustered with traditional tea shops, art galleries, antique shops, restaurants, cafes and ceramic dealers.  

Insadong Street 04
Spotted cute cafe located on upper floor but we didn't went to have a try. We had our lunch in one of the 24 hours convenience store, GS 25.

My friends and I decided to split up and went our ownway and will meet up upon the agreeable time. While strolling Insadong Street by myself, I enjoyed it as much as I love the Namdaemun Street. It is not because of the traditional goods displayed here which to be frank, I am seriously don't know how to enjoy these thousand years of antique goods but I am more attracted to these (photos below):

Insadong Street 11
Souvenirs Store! I really can't help myself from wandered around these kind of shops. 

Insadong Street 05
Insadong Street 06
There are like more than 10 souvenir stores in Insadong Street and selling plenty of those authentic Korean souvenirs and handicraft which is so colourful and pretty. It is perfectly and ideal gift for family and friends.

Frankly speaking, both Namdeamun and Insadong selling almost the same range of souvenirs and handicraft but I can't define which one selling the most cheapest. Well, it depends the way you bargain right? But I heard that you are allow to bargain in some of the stores if only buy in bulk, or else, they definitely won't entertain you at all.

Insadong Street 07
Insadong Street 08
 If you are wondering what are they, well, they are hair accessories.

Insadong Street 09
Vintage and antique pocket watch anyone?

Insadong Street 10

Besides souvenir stores, I spotted there are about 100 galleries in Insadong Street and can see every example of traditional Korean fine art from paintings to sculptures. These galleries are the heartbeat of Insadong and therefore, Insadong is sometimes well-known as "Insadong Art Street".

Insadong Street 12

Insadong Street 13
Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day which I did mentioned in one of my previous South Korea's post.

Insadong Street 14
And again, it's another free trying of Hanbok but I gave this a pass cause I can't find my friends to help me take photos. #facepalm

Insadong Street 15
It's Starbucks - in Korean language. This is one unique thing I found in Insadong.

If you are interested looking for something with a traditional Korean touch such as antique goods and artsy stuff, Insadong is definitely a place that you should explore. As for me, I almost going crazy when seeing all those handicraft and souvenirs display along the streets and my wallet almost crying for non-stop bleeding (if you know what I means).

How to get to Insadong Street:
1. Anguk Station, Subway Line 3 - Exit 6; or
2. Jonggak Station, Subway Line 1 - Exit 3; or
3. Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station, Subway Line 1,3 or 5 - Exit 1

[Credit To: Wikipedia, Official Site of Korea Tourism]


  1. i love insadong! got almost everything here, for my family and frens :)

  2. never been to insadong street..want to go there someday

  3. Was planning to go Korea next April or May for the cherry blossom but that plan failed as well...well...

  4. Great shots here, all of them. Love the fans.

    I saw the Koreans were using similar traditional paintings on hand-fans during their folkdance at the Sabah International Folklore Festival last week.

  5. Starbucks logo in Korean language definitely "a-must-shot" for tourist :P

  6. the hair accesories looks so cute..
    very nice

  7. Agree with Choi Yen! I would try the cute cafe if I have the chance. How I wish I have the money to go to Korea for holiday! Will make South Korea my first holiday destination!

  8. Wow! I like those souvenirs!! I have not been to South Korea before. Maybe, one day : )

  9. Glad you find my Philippines posts helpful! Look forward to read about your Philippines trip! : )

  10. wah~ so nice make me want to visit Korea, but it does look abit like Taiwan from your photos.

  11. interesting stuff they have there, cool pictures too :P

  12. did u write your name in korean? again i saw lots of Chinese characters in Korea

  13. DT - I can't take my eyes off from looking at all the souvenirs especially the fridge magnet,hair clip and the money pocket it it awesome stuff must buy :-).

  14. hi,.. thanks for sharing your experience:) i wanna know anyone has idea whether it is safe to go around seoul alone? thanks


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