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Dongdaemun, 24 Hours Shopping of Seoul

Date of Visited: 09th September 2011

After bidding goodbye to our lovely Korean friend, Kyung Hee in Myeong-Dong, then we're heading to next pitstop for shopping time again. Talking about shopping in Seoul, it is one of the popular activities which most travellers/tourists like to indulge in as it has more to offer from shopping mall, centres to markets and even streets which you barely to miss them out.

Since we have T-card with us, hence we fully utilised it by taking subway to the next destination.

Seoul Subway 01
One of my best travelmate who travel together to Japan in 2010, Nicole.

My best travelmates in crime. We used to travel a lots of places during studied in UK.

My friend "forced" me to take this pos, pretending I was very strong. 

More spacious and clean inside subway train.

Dongdaemun 01
Dongdaemun, is our second destination on the second day. Dongdaemun is claimed to be the largest market in South Korea that supplies stocks to thousands of retail fashion shops around the whole of Korea. You can find greatest bargain in almost more than 30,000 stores in the Dongdaemun area with many different kind of products such as clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, textile, fabrics, footwear, and sporting goods.

Dongdaemun 02
Literally, Dongdaemun means "Great East Gate" but for sure this word not only means that in Korean but in Chinese too. It was so named because it was the major eastern gate in the wall that surrounded Seoul.

Dongdaemun 03
Dongdaemun area was built nearby an old fortress wall gate and it can be easily noticed this once come out from the subway station.

Dongdaemun 04
Typical street of Dongdaemun

Ginseng can be found anywhere in South Korea. Cheap or not? Don't ask me cause I'm not interested with it.

What makes this market outstanding than others is because most of the shops around this area open from 9:00 pm until 5:00 am or even 6:00 am on the next day. So if you can't enough to shopping during the daytime, you can continue shopping at here until you're drop. Experience this nightime excitement which not often seen in many other places in the world.

Dongdaemun 06

We spotted one whole row of food street vendors that sell many of local cuisines, hence we decided to try.

Dongdaemun 08
My friends and I did tried one of Korean popular authentic street snacks, stir fried rice cakes (as photo below), added with some crispy fried seafood snacks (as photo above). Although it was quite a spicy, but it taste delicious and we did almost have two bowls for it.

Dongdaemun 10

Dongdaemun 09

We strolled around Dongdaemun for one or two hours but we found out nothing that we fond of. Maybe because this district market would be more happening at night than the daytime, thereafter we moved to the next place before it's getting dawn.

How to get to Dongdaemun:
Subway Line 1 or 4, Dongdaemun Station

[Credit To: Wikipedia,,]


  1. Nice walk-trough around Seoul :)

  2. i tak shopping pun kat sini...hahaha takde duit!

  3. The closest I get is still Kdrama xD

  4. Shopping in Korea not expensive ah? :O

  5. nice place..and now i finally knew..that readings in Korean language have lots of similarities with Chinese

  6. i wonder what it's like to shopping in Korea ^^

  7. hey.. all these korean places looks so familiar.. i was there before.. like not long ago..!

  8. wow... that's crap loads of Ginseng!!! Hoecome you guys could not find anything nice in Dongdaemun? It's like a fashion disctrict!

  9. Haha that is my friend, the model on the designer hub ad. Dongdaemun should definitely be experience but I can see why you couldn't find much there for you.

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