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Myeong-Dong, Seoul Shopping's Haven

Date of Visited: 09th September 2011

Myeong-Dong, is undeniable one of Seoul's main trendiest shopping area, with more than 300,000 square meters of shops ranging from selling clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories to cosmetics. So imaging that the place that my friends and I stayed was just 150 meters away, we visited Myeong-Dong almost everyday, and sometimes even twice a day.

According to the tertiary itinerary that I did, we were supposed to go Nami Island on the second day. Unfortunately, it started to rain once we stepped out from out guest house. Hence, change to plan B. As I did mention before, one of the main reason we visited Seoul is also to meet our pretty and lovely Korean friend.

We met somewhere at the subway station nearby our guest house and once we met, she suggested to bring us for lunch around Myeong-Dong. Myeong-Dong is not only famed as a shopping haven, but it also crowded with numerous of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and night clubs too.

Myeongdong 10
This is the restaurant where our Korean friend brought us too. It's quite popular by the way and ever visited by some celebrities.

Myeongdong 11
Let me introduce our Korean friend, Kyung Hee (the lady in white stripe shirt). Is it she lovely?

Myeongdong 12
Kyung Hee ordered 2 big plate of this meal which claimed by her to known as "Seong Kee". It is some sort of glass noodles cooked with soya sauce added with lots of chicken, veggies and wait! Did you notice the super huge potatoes that mix together? It was a bit spicy but frankly speaking, we really love this and almost finished the two huge plates. We planned to spend Kyung Hee but at the end, immediately she paid for the food and said she treat us as her guests. Kamsamnida Kyung Hee!

Since we got plenty of time, we strolled around Myeong-Dong for few hours before move on to the next destination. Myeong-Dong is crazily insane filled with countless of fashion beauty and cosmetic outlet. You can even spot the exactly same outlet, not only two but sometimes more than 3 in the same row. So the next time your mission is to hunt for those beauty and cosmetic products, I strongly recommend to stay nearby Myeong-Dong but one reminder need to be aware is your wallet. It can seriously makes until you burn a hole in your wallet.

Myeongdong 01
♥♥ the atmosphere of Etude house

Myeongdong 02
I forgot what is this but it is so cute. Caught my attention.

Myeongdong 03
I guess all of these outlet can be found in Malaysia.

Myeongdong 04
But for these 3, I'm not quite sure. Anyone got any idea whether is it available in Malaysia?

Myeongdong 05
Myeong-Dong also being listed as one of UNESCO. Cool!

Myeongdong 06
Few high-street fashion outlets located in one of the famous department store, Lotte

Myeongdong 07
This big mascot is one of the promotion technique to attract more customer to visit their shops.

Myeongdong 08

Myeongdong 09

Myeongdong 14
My friends were browsing handbags and it was freaking dirt cheap. RM28 for each and somemore, "Made In Korea". Really worth to buy.

Myeongdong 13
Not only on surface, Myeong-Dong also has underground shopping center.

Floated everyday even on weekday especially with young people, Myeong-Dong is not only happening and lively in day time but also in night time. One of the place not-to-be-missed if visiting Seoul. Trust me, I'm kid not!

How to get to Myeong-Dong:
Subway line 4, Myeong-Dong Station, Exit 6


  1. The 1st three brands of cosmetic are even available in KK (but I've not yet tried them, haha). And those whole lot of bags caught my attention. Oh so cheap!

  2. Diana!!! i'm totally in love with myeongdong! cant get enough of stylo clothes over there. hahah. i more into SPAO instead of Uniqlo. Did u see the biggest uniqlo in seoul? awesome!!! hehehe.

  3. Yorrr! I wanna go Korea some day. all those good quality accessories caught my eyes ooo~

  4. i'm leaving for korea next week. Hope your entry abt korea will help me.

  5. that orange-color mascot still there??? hahahaha!

  6. underground shopping center sounds so cool :D

  7. where is the "like" button ??? Give me the "like" button.... :D Korea!!!! My dream destination. I'm one of the big fans of kpop and everything about Korea. From the country,culture,people,food (erm... never really got chance to try),musics,language.

  8. The Korean Seong Kee 'char hor fun' looks very delicious~~ slurpppp

  9. Myeong-dong is one of my fave shopping places too & I'm off shopping again in Seoul next week. Yipee! The pix of u 4 looks familiar. I recall seeing it in one of your posts before. Always remember pretty gals :)

    1. okay..one person posting about Seoul and another person going to Seoul..this is tempting me to plant my footprint there...hehehe

  10. korea is still in my dreamlist. hope can visit there one day. wanna play snow..haha...nice post. :) looks like u had fun shopping.

  11. How much is the Etude House handcream? If not mistaken I bought mine for 19.90 only.

  12. Wooow Korea! Im jealous! Lol. After watching so many Korean dramas, I was inlove to Korea. Beautiful scenery,rich culture, and also omo their language,they looks like so sweet when they speak! Hehehe
    Thanks for bringing Korea to us!

  13. Its one of the place that we usually see in Korea drama right? Hehe.. really wish that I can go there someday too. :p

  14. Of course a holiday isn't a holiday without a shopping spree and in South Korea you can shop all day and night if you like. South Korea, and especially Seoul, has an amazing array of shops from department stores and shopping centres to markets and unique one-of-a-kind shops.

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  16. woaaaahhh.. i'll go to korea this autumn. thanks for making this.. it helps me alot to make my itinerary..


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