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Namdaemun, My Favourite Souvenirs Market

Date of Visited: 09th September 2011

After done with Myeong-Dong and Dongdaemun, two of the hottest tourist spot in Seoul, we're then heading to another one, Namdaemun. Just like Dongdaemun, Namdaemun is located near its namesake of Great South Gate. It is the largest and oldest traditional market in Seoul.

Namdaemun 01

Among three of these places we went on the second day, Myeong-Dong, Dongdaemun and Namdaemun, I tends to prefer to shop in Namdaemun for one main reason, tons of souvenirs I can choose from and this is where I can bargain for more cheaper price than elsewhere. So, if you love to collect fridge magnets and keychain just like me when everytime going travelling or even looking for vast variety of traditional and local souvenirs for family and friends, this is the recommended place.  

Namdaemun 02
Pretty awesome hanbok for the little one.

Namdaemun 03
Once I spotted all of these, I tends to forget where were my friends are. 

Namdaemun 04
Begin my mission to hunt for more fridge magnets, keychain and souvenirs for family, friends and even for myself.

Namdaemun 05
If you are looking for seaweed either for cooking or even snacking purpose, Namdaemun is the best place to search for.

Namdaemun 06

Since we walked non-stop from Myeong-Dong to Dongdaemun and after that to Namdaemun, we decided to take a break by visiting a cafe located nearby the Namdaemun market.  

Namdaemun 07
A coffee break in Holly's Coffee before continue with the mission of hunting more souvenirs.

Namdaemun 08

Although many of Namdaemun's shops are within the buildings that make up the area, but when the days start to break, the market is busy and happening with the group of street vendors that setup in the alleys and walkways between the buildings. 

Namdaemun 09
The typical Korean street food vendor which can be seen in most Korean drama. Namdaemun even being listed as Asia's 10 greatest street food cities under the Seoul list. (Source)
Too bad for us as we didn't managed to try any of the street food cause our stomach were filling with tons of water from the cafe we visited.

Namdaemun 10
It's so hard for me to bid goodbye to all the cute and pretty souvenirs at Namdaemun. Wanna see what did I bought from there? Stay tune for "My Travel Haul from South Korea" post in the future. wink

How to get to Naedaemun:
Hoehyeon Station, Subway Line 4 – Exit 5, 6 or 7 (You can get off either one of these exit to the market)

[Credit To: Wikipedia, Official Site of Korea Tourism, LifeinKorea]


  1. Hi Diana

    When i was there in 2007, felt not enough time to bargain my brooches and other souveniors from one shop to another at that few storey building ( forgot the name ), too many shops to get around...huhu...worth it...i wish to be there again one day. thks for sharing your photos at that place.

  2. Not sure when will I have the chance to visit Korea :P

  3. the child hambuk is really cute..
    i heard that you could not bargain the price in the night market.. is it?

  4. I bet their market is fun. I wish to visit there someday. :)

  5. wow shopping heaven here. Good info. I'll be there soon. Hope this will help.

  6. Korea has always fascinates me...especially the language! Not sure when I'll have the chance to go! T_T

  7. Looks very busy. I aslo love markets.


  8. The souvenirs do look nice and alluring! No wonder you lost track of yourself when you see 'em.. Hehe

  9. shoppingmania.. visiit this place...

  10. I love this place. It reminds me of Harajuku in Japan!

  11. OO I LOVE KOREA....waiting for AA for cheap fare to be there again!!!..visit my blog for cheap travel..teratak 66

  12. Good blog spot... thanks for sharing... :)


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