Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's My Haul From Japan!

I know it's kinda a lil' late to post this where I should blog about this once I back from Japan. confused

Now, tell me who on earth doesn't do any shopping while travelling? Exemption for the guys but for the ladies, till death also I won't believe that you won't shopping or buy some souvenirs for your family, relatives and even friends.

Don't ask me why but I just love to shop souvenirs for my family and friends (closest friends lah). It's just like something I must-do-while-on-travelling those kind things.

Look what I bought all the way from "Land of the Rising Sun".

Japan's Haul 01

Japan's Haul 02
Make-up, hair accessories, handphone ornament

Japan's Haul 03
Japanese handmade pouch

Japan's Haul 05
T-shirt for brothers and boyfie, bag for myself, Kose mask and scarf

Japan's Haul 04
My haul would not complete without foods >.<

Share a bit on the foods I bought

Japan's Haul 06
Kyoto matcha cake - apparently a green tea cake from Kyoto but I purchased from Kansai International Airport when I saw Mei Tzeu blog about this and she said this cake taste nice. Hehehe...

Japan's Haul 07
"Kuih-muih" from the shop nearby Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto. The chocolate filling taste nice and my dad finish these 4 packets. :S

Japan's Haul 08
Sweet honey butter soft cake from Shinsaibashi, Osaka

Japan's Haul 09
Takoyaki and okonomiyaki crackers from Shinsekai, Osaka (Not recommended, not nice one)

Japan's Haul 10
Local snacks from Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street, Tokyo.

Japan's Haul 15
Tokyo Banana - soft cookies but absolutely taste nice and crispy. From Tokyo Tower.

Japan's Haul 19
Tokyo DisneySea merchandise

Japan's Haul 11
Once I open this,

Japan's Haul 12
my jaw dropping. Full with Mickey Mouse cookies. Nice and tasty.

Japan's Haul 13
Spot the last row of lip balm? It's Shiseido's lip balm which won't see this in Malaysia.

Japan's Haul 14
Fragrance - Weekend by Burberry is my favourite perfume of all time but unfortunately I find it's difficult to be seen in Malaysia currently. So, saw these in Japan, immediately grab it without thinking the cost. Next to it, it's unfamiliar perfume for me and until now I haven't open it.

If you are Kit-Kat lover, do hunt for their different kind of flavour of Kit-Kat when visiting Japan.

Japan's Haul 16

Japan's Haul 17
Some are limited and maybe you could only find it in a particular place such as the Blueberry Cheese Cake Flavour where I found it at train station nearby Mount Fuji.

Japan's Haul 18
1 box contains 12 small packs of Kit-Kat. Share with among my colleagues.

Finally, my own collection whenever I'm on travelling
Japan's Haul 20
Fridge magnet and keychain.

Thank goodness that all of these haul didn't cause my luggage to be overweight. Do you know it is damn costly once you found out your luggage was overweight and sometimes it can cost you up to thousand riggit. My dad experience this before during his honeymoon with my mom in Vietnam and I guess one my friend too.

Will share my haul from Taiwan once I done with the travel tales and stories for that.

Short Note: Again another scheduled post because I'm not around Malaysia at this moment. I'd prepared 4 scheduled post in a day before leaving. Don't know why lately so hardworking in blogging #mosthardworkingbloggers


  1. so banyak.. i would have came home almost empty handed :P

  2. Wahhh!!! That's super lots and kawaii stuffs woorrr!!!!!!!

    lolz thanks for the tag too! :) and thanks for the gift u gave me!! Me like Mickey!

  3. i can imagine.... i went bongkers buying as well, i tot buying the whole tokyo.hhehehe

  4. Waaaaah so nice your haul! That sure is a lot of food, haha. If me, i think i will just haul back clothes and cosmetics. And maybe some Kit Kat, lmao. XD

  5. @ken - I also wish sometimes I would came home with empty handed but it's hard for a gal like me.

    @Meitzeu - Glad that you like the gift I gave you. ^_^

    @Lily Riani - Hahaha. But some of the items in Tokyo are expensive. Not worth to buy as some are made in China. :P

  6. @jfook - I only become shopaholic when travelling. :P

    @LauraLeai - I don't shop for clothes and cosmetics. Dunno why. Loves to shop for the foods to share and distribute among friends and family.

    @SJB AKA SUE - Yeah! This is what happens when I'm travelling. ;D

  7. Kawaii~ all made from Japan is always so cute.

    Once i got souvenir from my fren-Kit Kat wasabi and i love it!

  8. kemang~ Hehehe. This is what happens when comes to travelling.

    maso.tee - Not all made from Japan. Some are made from China. That's too bad. I saw the Kit Kat wasabi too but I didn't bought. :P

  9. Thats really alot of things you got there!


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