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6 Out Of 8 East Asia - DONE!

Small Note: Actually, I'm not really having 11 days of holidays but the real actual amount of holidays I had was 20 days. 11 days were officially one but the other 9 days sendiri holidays punya. This means I am skipping my class for almost 2 weeks.
As you know, I had just came back from holidays in South Korea and thank God, this trip can be consider to be one of the best and remarkable holidays I ever had. The main reason was because I am the organiser for this South Korea trip and it took me more than 3 months for the planning process. Although not completely 100% according to the plan, but I'm satisfied with the end results. mrgreen

Surprisingly for me was within 1 year, I managed to travel 6 out of 8 countries and territories of East Asia. wink

DT Around East Asia

DT's Travel Journal Around East Asia
  • Besides Hong Kong which I'd been for 3 times, all is my first time trip ever.
  • Been to China twice but different district and cities.
  • Out of 6, Taiwan is the only one that it was not backpacking trip but we followed organised tour guide.
  • Out of 6, Japan is the only one that I didn't boarding with Air Asia.

Somehow, I would love to visit the above countries again even though including Hong Kong. So many places that I didn't manage to cover and it makes me feel a bit regret. For eg: Nara and Kobe in Japan; Busan in South Korea; Shanghai in China and more. [I would blog what I'd miss and loves to cover if I go these countries again in my future post]

So, did you manage to guess which are the TWO countries of East Asia that I haven't left my footprints on?

800px-Flag_of_North_Korea.svg 800px-Flag_of_Mongolia.svg
The answer are: North Korea & Mongolia [Photo credit to Wikipedia]

For these 2 countries, it has not yet listed in my current travelling list unless I receive a sudden invitation again just like my previous Japan trip.

So, now I'd done travel around East Asia and guess which part will be my next target???

Before I end this short post, I have a lil surprised for my readers but please do make sure check out on my next post.


  1. Diana!!! Dont forget to blog about south korea ok! I'm going there this november. Havnt planning anything ye....

    Gonna read ur posts! I'm waiting for it!

  2. whaoooo.. i wonder how u can travel like that, sekejap hilang sana, sekejap hilang sini..

    i do jealous with you , seriously..


    u have ur own bank kah ? producing ur own money ;p

  3. *jeles*
    out of your 6.. i've only been to one - South Korea, back in 2003 :)

  4. how I wish i can be like you..travelling always...hehe

  5. Impressive! North Korea would be very interesting. Have a pleasant and safe journey ya!

    Do blog about it

  6. bdk2 @ John - I try post my South Korea trip asap. South Korea is easy to explore and I love to visit it again :D

    kemang - Hahaha. I also wish to own a bank and produce tons of billions of money. No lah! I travel with budget and cheap. Stay in backpacking or guest house instead of hotel.

    ken - No need to be *jeles*. You also can do it since you are so famous now :D

  7. neTTOboy - The world is so big. I also haven't been many places yet. ;P

    de engineur - Neh! I think I won't go North Korea at this nearest moment because it is not a tourist attraction. Plan to travel other countries 1st.

  8. So geng le you! Travel to so many countries!!! I want~~~ I wonder what surprise is that.. =P

  9. cutebun - A lil small surprised. Dunno you guys will like or not :P

    Wilson - Erm..If got somebody plan the trip for me, then I ok with that :D.. Planning the entire trip is really makes me so tired sometimes.

  10. I envy you...yes I do!
    Can't wait for your Korean trip post =}.

  11. Wow.. nice!
    6 places in a year, I think I can only start to travel after working. ;p

    What course are you taking ar Diana? local or oversea?.. *curious* ;p

  12. Wow.. nice!
    6 places in a year, I think I can only start to travel after working. ;p

    What course are you taking ar Diana? local or oversea?.. *curious* ;p

  13. maso.tee - You also can do it someday. Just like me, some of the trip, is never under my plan.

    germaine - I also travel after I start working. Earn by my own, spend by my own. Loves that kind of feeling. I am currently studying ACCA in local unicollege, but my papers are from UK. If you ever heard of ACCA ;D

  14. Ok..now i'm officially jealous...i also want to travel!!! T3T

  15. Eric Lee - Yes, you can. Travel together with Caroline. :D

    Meitzeu - Travel!!! That's what I am focusing now instead of focus on my study. I want change my job leh. Become full time travel blogger :P

  16. Hey, thanks for the lovely postcard you sent me from South Korea. Was very surprised by it. How lucky you are, getting to visit so many places and countries. Don't want to be cheesy but your travels are my inspirations. Have to stop travelling for a while 'cause the fund runs dry but once I save enough, I'm going to fly again! Happy knowing you and keep blogging on your awesome blog!


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