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5 Different Airports in 24 Hours

This is what I experienced when going to Japan last year all the way from my beloved hometown, Kota Kinabaly. Stopby 5 different airports in 4 different countries within 24 hours. What a hectic day but in the mean time, another absolute cool experience! mrgreen

First, Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2
Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2
Thanks TTM aka my boyfie for sending and accompany me before boarding. razz

Second, Senai International Airport
or also known as Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Sultan Ismail
Senai International Airport, Johor
Fly from KK to JB to meet my travelmate, Nicole before move on to the next destination

Third, Changi International Airport, Singapore
Changi International Airport, Singapore
Thanks to this airport as I able to get free online; checking my facebook

Then, transit flight at Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan.
It was a quite rush for us as we need to get off from the cabin, rescan ourself and depart to cabin again within 30 minutes. LOL!
Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan
Revisit this airport 2 months later for my Taiwan trip with family.

Finally, reached the main destination, Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan :)
Kansai International Airport
Most of my friends comment saying that instead read as Kansai, they read "Kanasai" =-=

From the last pitstop, this is where my adventurous autumn Japan trip begin! Do check out my travel adventures and experience around Japan - "8 Days of Adventurous Autumn Japan Trip" if you never read it before.

If you are reading this entry, just want to inform you that this another scheduled post (AGAIN!!!) because I am currently somewhere around in one of the country listed above. This month is really a travel month for me as I'd been on and off to two different countries in a month. - My third oversea trips for the year.

However, I'm a bit worry as I had been skipping class for 3 weeks and only attended class for 1 week within a month. Guess I need to catch up once I come back from holiday. confused


  1. Diane, I'm already half-dead just flying from S'pore to Helsinki direct. Can't imagine changing so many airports in such a short time. I'd probably collapse before I even start my tour. Hahaha! Enjoy your vacation, sweetie!

  2. woah!!! if can prolong the period of transit at either one airport, can go sightseeing that country already!! visit 4 countries for the price of 1 is a good bargain...LOL

  3. Don't you feel tired with all the transits? I cannot imagine waiting for hours for the next flight.

  4. That's one hella long journey! If you had foursquare account, you'll get jetsetter badge :P

  5. wow... so many transits flight... quite tiring...

  6. 5 different airports in one day?! Oh my...


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