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Indonesia Day 1 - Arrived Jakarta & MaxOne Hotels.com

Date of Visited: 20th December 2011

My Journey Around South East Asia: First Destination - Singapore

My resolution for the year 2011 was to travel abroad at least 4 times in a year. So, I did went Shenzhen, South Korea and Singapore but I still think that it wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger towards travelling abroad. Indonesia came into my mind when one of my besties just came back from there and told me it was a shopping haven. I haven't been to Indonesia for my entire life and I was thought why not gave Indonesia a try, right? So when AirAsia was having a big promotion, I managed to secure airfare with a return cost of RM330 for both my mommy and I. Plus point was direct flight from Kota Kinabalu. So, we won't wasting our time to travel to Kuala Lumpur for flight connection. It was a surprised for my mom and she never expecting that I will buy the airticket for her. My mom almost turned down my offer but at the end, she decided to go.

Day 1 - Jakarta 02
The flight from Kota Kinabalu to Jakarta took roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes and here we are, at the capital city of Indonesia. The queue was long cause there are other flight arrived at the same time too. But overall, the process of getting through all the immigration and custom checking were smooth and clear. The time differences between Jakarta and Malaysia is 1 hour behind but do take not that, not all cities of Indonesia have the same time zone. I found out about this when I went Bali this year. 

We arrived Jakarta airport quite late and I was clueless what mode of transportation should I get? I did do research that for safety purpose, it is advisable to take the "Blue Bird" taxi but when we went out from the airport, we didn't saw any of them. Got no choice but to hire taxi service from the airport counter and it cost us IDR170,000 (roughly around RM61) to our hotel.

MaxOne Hotels 01
This is the hotel that mommy and I gonna overnight for a night only, MaxOne Hotels.com cause of the following day, we are gonna move on to the next city. This budget hotel cost me RM146.00 cause I booked less than a week before going there. Might be pricey but no regret for staying here cause it was indeed a great location as it strategically located in the central business district of Jakarta Golden Triangle.

MaxOne Hotels 02
Colourful, funky and trendy reception counter is what caught my attention once I stepped into the hotel.

MaxOne Hotels 03
And even their lift design is so creative and impressive.

MaxOne Hotels 04
Mommy and I were quite shocked when we entered the room. By looking at the size of the room, it was quite small. However, that wasn't big issue for us cause overall, both of us were satisfied with the cleanliness of the room and also the bathroom. The room was nicely decorated with some artistic decor, equiped with a flatscreen television and were blessed with a comfortable double bed. Basic toiletries are included such as shampoo and shower gel and there is a hot water. The most important was free WiFi connection within the room.

MaxOne Hotels 05
Last but not least the thing that impressed me was the room number of the hotel. Before step into the room, we were tried to find our room but we didn't spotted any number stick on the door. Then only we realised the room number was underneath us. Impressive right?

I am highly recommended to stay in this hotel if you are planning to visit Jakarta some day. One and only thing that should take note is request the room that is not facing the street cause it was quite noisy during the day time. You don't want the lively street to disturb your beauty sleep, right?

I booked this hotel through Agoda.com but if you want to get more details, click HERE for more.


  1. I like those modern concept hotels.


  2. Lol. This is so cute with good price. Day 2 please..

  3. awwh the hotel is so colorful!!!!!!!!:)

    I am so happy that you stayed in cute hotel:)


  4. Interesting concept this hotel boasts...rather pricey though in my opinion...

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  6. Never been to Jakarta before. It would be great to be there ;)

  7. Cantik la hotel tu, very colorful, nampak meriah hehehehe

  8. The washroom is a bit small huh~

  9. yes those hotel are very nice and modern..

  10. diane, you dont know how much i envy u.. ur passion over traveling is so amazing. Never been to any country outside malaysia. but someday i will..

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