Saturday, November 17, 2012

4D3N Singapore Trip with Boyfie (2011)

Here is the compilation for all the post relating to my trip to Singapore last year for 4 days and 3 nights. 

Day 1 (26th September 2011)

- JetStar, Clarke Quay & The Fullerton Hotel

Day 2 (27th September 2011)

    Day 3 (28th September 2011

      Day 4 (29th September 2011)

        Extra Features

        So, this post concludes the final travelogue of my Singapore 2011 trip. Next, will be Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia travelogue. Wait! Or maybe continue with my 2008 UK & Europe trip which I had been abandoned for quite some times. Too many travel, too much travelogue to blog about!


          1. looking forward to Bandung. Heard it;s a shopper haven

          2. Haven't been to Singapore for a long time, the last time I went to Singapore zoo was 14 years ago :)


          3. I envy you le...
            Been so many places and see the world...

          4. Would love to read about Bandung too. Used to travel there when I was just a kid. My parents live in Indonesia for more than 20yrs :)

          5. they do have some really nice buildings in Singapore


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