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Taiwan Day 4 : Part 2

Dogs @ Love River Kaohsiung 02
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We headed on to the Former British Consulate Residence at Dagou. If you are history lover, then you should love this place. Built by the British Government, it is the earliest existing western style architecture in Taiwan.

Former British Consulate Residence at Dagou 01

It's located at the peak of the hill of the National Sun Yat-Sen University's sourthern side. Pity to the aunties and uncle because we had to climb hundreds of stairs before we reach this historical buildings.

Former British Consulate Residence at Dagou 02
Former British Consulate Residence at Dagou 03

Former British Consulate Residence at Dagou 04

There's even a fine cafe for you to have meals, sip a cup of tea or coffee while enjoy the romantic atmosphere and look out over the Port of Kaohsiung.

Former British Consulate Residence at Dagou 05
Consulate Hall - where meeting of British and Chinese representatives was held

Former British Consulate Residence at Dagou 06
Send postcard back to the loved one in Malaysia ♥♥♥

Next destinations was the Love River, one of the Kaohsiung's signature tourist attraction. I would recommend you to stroll along this riverbanks at night for the beautiful and romantic river scenery when all the colourful neon lights is being turn on.

Kaohsiung City 01

Seriously, I never knew this place is Love River and I keep wondering at the very first place why the local tour guide did not brought us there until I was doing this entry yesterday *knock my head to the wall*. I didn't pay any attention to the local tour guide was all because of this....

Dogs @ Love River Kaohsiung 01
Oh my gosh! 2 adorable cutie little dogs.

Dogs @ Love River Kaohsiung 02
Hugging like for more than half hours but I still don't want to let go.

Can't deny that I am a dog lover. Everytime while walking on the road, if I did see any dogs especially on these cutie little dog, I just feels like want hug them like a baby. Do check out my previous post on sightseeing for dogs while I was travelling in Wales (click here and here).

And also at the same while writing this entry, I am missing these 2 lazy bump:

Guci & Rosy 01
Meet Rosy (German Shepherd breed) and Guci (Shih Tzu breed)

Guci 02
But I miss the most is this small but chubby fattie puppy. Always brighter my every single day. 2 more months before I get to see you ^_^

A night would be incomplete in Taiwan without visiting one of their night market. Liouho Night Market, a must visit night market located in Southern Taiwan. Liouho Night Market was awarded the "Most Glamorous Night Market" prize for the categories of night market selection.


Thank God on that night, the local tour guide given us more time for us to venture around this night market. I had shared this in my previous post "Taiwan's Night Markets & Food" but I love to do it again especially for the new readers. mrgreen

Do enjoy the foods photo and hopefully your stomach won't growling.











Short Notes: Oh no! I haven't finish my travel tales and stories around England and Europe, Taiwan and even China, and NOW I am going for another trip-ing again.

[Credit to: Kaohsiung pamphlet]


  1. Well, we share more things in common - travel & dogs! I've a Shih Tzu too. Aren't they adorable?? Looks like u've got a great vacation!

  2. kekeke :D Wanted to complete my overview on other half of taipei which I was pending for a while. :P and gonna post it tonite! :)

    How was your class in KL? Hope all are great for u!

  3. the historical building looks nice.. like to see it built with red bricks.. :)

    another trip? i havent set food out of Malaysia since January 2010. :(


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