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An-Nyoung-Ha-Seh-Yo 안녕하세요, South Korea

Korea 11
Yeap! That's right. Greetings from South Korea and I'm still in South Korea currently, somewhere around Jeju Island. This is my first ever blog post updated directly from oversea wink.

Let's take a quick look of my travel journey around South Korea:

Korea 01
My first ever flight with Air Asia X. It's incredible massive but too bad, no entertainment inside the flight. [Boring to the max for almost 7 hours confused]

Korea 02
South Korean notes in won

Korea 03
Finally!!! Glad when see this welcoming board.

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Korea 04
Before start travel around Seoul, bought this T-Money card which similar to Touch 'n' Go but much more easier, better and convenience than the Malaysian card.

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Korea 05
Met our Korean friend, Kyung Hee (in stripe shirt). We met when we travel together around Europe for 20 days. She treat us lunch. Kamsamnida Kyung Hee!

Korea 06
Stayed at Namsan Guest House, which really recommended if you are budget traveller.

Korea 07
It's located at Myeongdong and I told you, gosh! It's shopping haven.

Korea 08
Everland - not only a theme park, but it's also a zoo. Love this to the max.

Korea 09
Namiseon Island - where famous for Winter Sonata.

Korea 10
Visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace on their Thanksgiving day and because of that, the admission is free.

Korea 11
And again out of my expectation, I managed to wear "hanbok" - Korean traditional costume.

Korea 12
Besides Seoul, we also managed to visit Jeju Volcanic Island (one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature and listed as UNESCO's World Heritage) by taking the domestic flight.

Korea 13
Teddy Bear Museum - one of Jeju's attractions.

So, that's a little sneak peak of my trip around South Korea. Not a bad place to visit, just that we visit on a wrong timing. It's damn hot here and we're sweating like hell.

Check out my blog for more on my trip.



  1. hohoho.. ko jugalah hebat cam biasa.. jalan ja kerja kan?? syok tu sana kan?? banyak ka kawan2 ko Korean??kasi kenal si Aki ya?? :-p

  2. Yer yer yerrrrr~~~~

    Envy to the maxxxxxx lorrrr... :P

    Enjoy your trip there!!!! I want pressieee! ehehehe

  3. Wow, interesting. Actually, a place to visit in my 'To-visit' list, haha. Looking forward to more pictures :)

  4. so interesting.... ^_^.. and nice costume..

  5. Hmm did you meet the Girls Generation? Hahaa jk.

    And I heard that South Korean women are mostly pretty. According to my lecturer who went there la. Ya ka?

    btw, happy Wednesday Miss DDT! ;)

  6. i didnt get a change to wear that!

    korea is amazing! love it!

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  8. OMG, u make me wanna visit Korea again! I love everything about Korea except the food. LOL! Have fun, sweetie!

  9. In your plane did you seat in regular seat? i'm going to Korea next year wondering how 7hrs flying without entertainment must be hard.

    love the traditional attire, definitely want to wear! did it charge?

  10. omg diana!!! u're in korea!!! soooo envy at the moment..

    have a safe trip ok! ^_^

  11. oh it brings back memories.. i was there back in 2003.. but never blogged about it coz i wasnt blogging back then :P


  12. Awesome!!! Korea is another place I wanna visit!! So cool!

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