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Foodie Friday: A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant

After the closure of my favourite vegetarian restaurant, Popular Vegetarian which located behind Open University, Kepayan Highway, I can't find any vegetarian restaurant that serve the best and delicious vegetarian meals anymore in Kota Kinabalu. Until I was tagged along by Girl Guides Association Sabah Branch to have meal together with the group of Girl Guides from Kuala Lumpur last few months, I found out that this A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant serve scrumptious and healthy vegetarian dishes that resemble meat dishes such as chicken, pork, prawn, fish and more. 

A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant 01
#1: Located above of Restoran Razzaalli in Kingfisher and it opens on Sunday too.

A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant 02
#2: Sweet & Sour Vegetarian Pork (RM15.00)

A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant 03
#3: Toong Hoon Mixed Vegetables (RM10.00)

A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant 04
#4: Hot Plate Bean Curd (RM12.00) - The bean curd is so soft

A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant 05
#5: Curry Asam Vegetarian Fish (RM15.00)
This is my favourite cause the sauce is in sweet and sour taste and also spicy at the same time. Definitely highly recommended to order this.

Most of the dishes are served in a different sizes and we choosed the small and regular size for 4 of us. The price of the dishes are inexpensive, therefore don't be surprised that if you see this place is crowded with students as it is located nearby the university. The only downside of this was it located quite far from my home, if not, for sure I will visit this every weekend with my mom. Go green sometimes, so eat green! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Been there for several times before. I like the curry asam vege fish too..sometimes around last month i was craving for their dishes unfortunately they're closed that time. Will surely visit it again soon.

  2. I kind of love vegetarian food. Normally I visit the one at Lintas. :)

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  3. LOL, I thought ya all went to restoran Razzaalli hahaa. btw, double letters 3 times in a row, amazing.

    Anyway, macamana la tu vegetarian pork? :O

    And you know, everytime people mention about vegetarian food, I always imagined the vegetarian food that looks like sasau. Hahaa.

    Happy weekend!

  4. :D.. I just love vege too much.. here, I only find the best at Klang.. and I know it is the best since, we always have to queue before eating.. ngahahaha..

  5. I'm not a fan of vegetarian food at all. Gosh, the sweet & sour pork looks so real.

  6. i love veg food but u know la..if wanna promote people to eat more vege but selling at a steep price..also sakit..hehe


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